What's included

  • 10 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 5 dinners
    10 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 5 dinners
  • 11 nights’ accommodation based on sharing twin-rooms, including a Soft Sleeper night train from Beijing to Xi’an
    11 nights’ accommodation based on sharing twin-rooms, including a Soft Sleeper night train from Beijing to Xi’an
  • All activities included, from unique motorcycle tours, to panda reserve entry and a river boat cruise
    All activities included, from unique motorcycle tours, to panda reserve entry and a river boat cruise
  • Max 14 Flashpackers
    Max 14 Flashpackers
  • Private minibus and airport pickup any time on day 1
    Private minibus and airport pickup any time on day 1

Speed around Beijing in a vintage sidecar motorcycle and master Tai-Chi and Kung-Fu in the serene shadow of the Temple of Heaven. Hike the Jundu Mountains to watch an epic sunrise over The Great Wall of China, get up close with Chéngdū’s famous giant pandas, and tick bustling Silk Street Market, the ancient Terracotta Warriors and Xi’an’s formidable City Walls off your bucket list. Discover the feverish mystique of dynamic Shànghǎi, learn to make spicy Sichuan Hotpot from a local chef, and feast your way around China’s most flavourful regions.

Teleportation is something we’re yet to perfect here at Flashpack HQ, but with this Chinese adventure we’re certainly getting close. An incredibly vast and hugely diverse country, China is many realms in one, and no matter what you’re looking for it doesn’t disappoint. Ancient temples boasting Confucian architecture set against a backdrop of gleaming skyscrapers? Luxury hotels adjacent to historical ruins hidden amongst rolling tree-blanketed mountains? From the frenzy of Beijing to the lush plains of Sichuan and the eclectic mystique of Shànghǎi, China is abundant in both antiquity and modernity, making it an epic experience every time. Our 12-day adventure in the Middle Kingdom features an epic sunrise over a rare secluded section of the Great Wall of China, and a chance to get up close with the famous giant pandas of Chéngdū’s sprawling wildlife reserve. Along the way, we’ll visit the serene Temple of Heaven and learn the ancient arts of Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi from a master in the grounds, before keeping pace with Beijing speeding through the city’s pulsing streets in a vintage sidecar motorcycle. We’ll kick back in a 5* spa hotel with views of The Great Wall snaking through the dense Shuiguan Mountains, haggle our way through the colourful market stalls of Silk Street, and jump on a Soft Sleeper night train to wake up in history-laden Xi’an. This is your chance to start tearing through your bucket list as we tick off the Terracotta Warriors and formidable City Walls, before catching a bullet train to Chéngdū where we’ll take in Lè Shān’s Giant Buddha, Wénshū Temple and get hands-on in a Sichuan kitchen. Shànghǎi is the final stop but the adventure is far from over, as we sip Champagne from a rooftop bar, uncover the vibrant arts scene, learn ping pong secrets from the champions, and get a taste for the city’s famously wild nightlife. Buckle up Flashpackers, this is an eastern journey unlike any other…

The Flash Pack promise

Here at Flash Pack, we’re committed to unique adventures that deliver great value for money. We pack our trips with epic experiences (unlike other companies, all activities are included), hand-pick stylish hotels and match you with like-minded people.

  • Learn Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi from a martial arts master in the shadow of The Temple of Heaven
  • Keep pace with Beijing seeing the city from the sidecar of vintage CJ750 motorcycle
  • Watch an epic sunrise from a private vantage point along The Great Wall of China
  • Cycle your way around the ancient city of Xi’an taking in the formidable City Walls
  • Get up close with giant pandas at Chéngdū’s famous wildlife reserve
  • Tick the Terracotta Army and Lè Shān Giant Buddha off your bucket list
  • Test your haggling skills on the expert traders at Silk Street Market
  • Discover Shànghǎi’s wild nightlife and catch a spectacular acrobatic show


Day 1: Welcome to China

Touch down in Beijing and take a private transfer to your hotel located in the Capital’s central business district. Relax and soak up your first taste of the city, before joining your guide and fellow Flashpackers for an adventure briefing over a delicious Chinese feast.

Flashpackers, welcome to day one of your escape to China. Touch down at Beijing Capital International Airport in the morning, where a private transfer will be waiting to whisk you to your hotel just 30-minutes into the bustle of Beijing. Today you can settle into your new abode, it’ll be base camp for the next two nights, soak in your first taste of China’s capital city and crane a look at the towering skyscrapers lining your hotel’s Chaoyang District location. Feel free to rest up after your flight, or if you’re feeling energetic make use of the hotel’s gym, before heading to a local restaurant nestled in one of Beijing’s famous hutong courtyards, where you’ll join your guide and full Flashpack crew for an adventure briefing over delicious Chinese food.

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Day 2: Temples, Kung Fu and Peking Duck

Go beyond the modernity of Beijing’s skyscrapers to explore the city’s rich seam of historical landmarks and ancient architecture. Experience the serenity of the Temple of Heaven and learn Kung-Fu from a master of martial arts, visit The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, enjoy a bird’s eye view from Jingshan Park’s highest peak, then feast on traditional Peking Duck.


Fuel up on an early breakfast, today is all about delving deep into the Capital. First up, we’ll head to Beijing’s Temple of Heaven Park, an oasis of surprising serenity sitting south-east of the frenetic city centre. Visit the temple, built during China’s Ming dynasty, join locals for morning exercises—thought to be an elixir of youth for Beijing’s elders—then dive right into the ancient arts of Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi with a lesson from a master in the temple grounds. After a pit stop for an artisan brew at a nearby coffee hotspot, feel free to explore the city’s plethora of tantalising lunch options. Come afternoon, we’ll regroup and delve deeper into the city’s rich seam of historical landmarks and ancient architecture; we’ll visit the iconic Tiananmen Square and take in the palatial splendour of The Forbidden City, before heading to the imperial Jingshan Park to bask in a panoramic view of the city from Beijing’s highest peak. Later, it’s time to feast with your Flashpack crew and indulge in a true Chinese favourite—Pekin Duck for all.

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Day 3: Beijing by Motorbike & A Great Wall Hike

Kick off the day by keeping pace with Beijing in a vintage Chang Jian 750 sidecar motorbike, before coaching it to the outskirts of the city for a mountain hike to a secluded beauty spot along China’s most famous landmark, The Great Wall. Check into your 5* hotel to spend the evening relaxing in style.


Don’t skip your green tea this morning, you’ll need plenty of energy for the jam-packed schedule. Kick things off keeping pace with Beijing in a vintage Chang Jian 750 sidecar motorcycle, as we speed around the city for a two-hour discovery mission like no other. After soaking up the buzz at street level, it’s time to say farewell to Beijing’s inner city bustle, and board the Flashpack coach for a two-hour jaunt to city’s outskirts—feel free to kick back and relax, but you might not want to miss the sights along the way as we head towards the Great Wall. Jump off the coach and gather your mojo as we set off to hike our way through the Jundu Mountains (the climb should take between two and three hours), ending at a secluded section of the Great Wall. This is your chance to soak up the idyllic views away from the crowds of Badaling. Later, check in at Commune By The Wall, your five star hotel for the night. After an adrenaline pumping day the evening is yours to rest and unwind; make a beeline for the hotel’s luxury spa complete with views across the mountainous landscape, take a dip in the outdoor swimming pool, tuck into a tasty dinner at one of the hotel’s three restaurants, or enjoy another look at the Great Wall via the hotel’s private vantage point.

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Beijing sidecar tour

Beijing sidecar tour

Beijing sidecar tour

Beijing sidecar tour

Important notes

Fly into: Beijing

Fly out of: Shanghai

Please be aware that the itinerary, activities and hotels are subject to change. These changes can happen with little notice due to availability, poor weather, seasonal changes, or other circumstances beyond our control. From time to time we may also make changes to your itinerary to try out new ideas and keep things fresh.

We take safety very seriously on Flash Pack adventures, click here to learn more.

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