What's included

  • 2 breakfasts, 1 dinner, including a street food safari
    2 breakfasts, 1 dinner, including a street food safari
  • <p>Unlimited booze on the harbour ride</p>

    Unlimited booze on the harbour ride

  • 2 x night’s accommodation in shared rooms, in a central hotel with a swimming pool & jacuzzi<br />
    2 x night’s accommodation in shared rooms, in a central hotel with a swimming pool & jacuzzi
  • All activities, from the coastal trek to a harbour boat ride, included. Local Flash Pack guide
    All activities, from the coastal trek to a harbour boat ride, included. Local Flash Pack guide
  • Max 14
    Max 14
  • Tour will be on public transportation
    Tour will be on public transportation

Veer off the tourist trail with an intoxicating food safari around Hong Kong’s hidden hot spots. Join locals by ordering street food at a dai pai dong, feast on Cantonese delicacies and tap into the city’s rich culinary heritage. Hike the legendary Dragon’s Back trail along a gorgeous stretch of coastline, and join a night-time boat trip across Hong Kong harbour, to see the Symphony of Lights unfold over an unlimited on-board bar. Break up your business trip or long-haul flight with this dazzling pit-stop adventure


An adventurer’s paradise, Hong Kong is a place of unexpected nooks and intoxicating contrasts. Gleaming skyscrapers and designer shopping malls rise above bustling alleyways and crowded bazaars. Mist-clad peaks give way to steep, tropical parks and an open bay, where the ever-faithful Star Ferry service chugs its way between the popular commuting spots of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Wherever you go, you’re hit by the potent tastes, smells and energy of a place, that – like New York – rarely sleeps. Our two-day jaunt here is perfect for anyone stopping over in the region, whether you’re rounding off a business trip, extending another getaway in the area, or breaking up a long-haul flight. We’ll start by grabbing a flavour of Hong Kong’s eclectic foodie scene, with a guided amble through neighbourhood cafes, street stalls and Chinese-style greasy spoons (“cha chaan teng”). From puffy egg waffles to smoky clay pots of bo zai fan and deep-fried fritters, Hong Kong dwellers love their food, and we’ll veer right off the tourist trail to understand why. Food sorted, we’ll tap into our inner Robinson Crusoes by heading out of the city on one of the world’s most famous rambles. The Dragon’s Back trail takes us along a remote coastal route flanked by bamboo thickets and gently rolling hills, with spectacular views out to the South China Sea. We’ll round things off with a boozy night cruise around Hong Kong harbour, for a prime view of the legendary Symphony of Lights. The perfect escape, packed into two dazzling days, with a chance to meet like-minded travellers along the way. Flashpackers, who’s game?


The Flash Pack promise

Here at Flash Pack, we’re committed to unique adventures that deliver great value for money. We pack our trips with epic experiences (unlike other companies, all activities are included), hand-pick stylish hotels and match you with like-minded people.

  • Send your taste buds soaring with a private food safari through Hong Kong
  • Join the locals at dai pai dongs, and order surprise delicacies with the help of your guide
  • Sample the delights of authentic Cantonese cuisine, including clay pot rice and soft golden churros
  • Ramble around the hillside footpaths of Hong Kong, following the legendary Dragon’s Back trail
  • Unwind surrounded by bamboo forest, lush green hills and panoramic views of the South China Sea
  • Jump aboard an evening cruise around Hong Kong harbour, with unlimited free drinks
  • Watch Hong Kong’s skyline come alive in the Symphony of Lights laser show
  • Break up a long-haul flight, top up another escape in the region or upscale your business trip



Touch down in Hong Kong and take a food safari through the city’s hidden local hot spots, savouring its age-old café culture, street markets and dai pai dongs. Feast on a series of Cantonese delicacies, as you get beneath the skin of this eclectic port and understand its rich culinary heritage


Welcome to Hong Kong! If you’re flying in, make your own way in from the airport using the efficient and super-easy MTR metro service. Take time to freshen up at the hotel, before meeting your guide and fellow Flashpackers at 5pm in the hotel lobby. In a fast-changing city like Hong Kong, food is the great unifier: a way to truly appreciate the rhythm of life and get a flavour of what makes the locals tick. So, the first stop of our adventure is a foodie safari, where we’ll hunt down the city’s best-kept culinary secrets. We’ll begin in Wan Chai, one of the largest street markets on Hong Kong Island. See where residents load up on their groceries, and tuck into puffy egg waffles – a street food favourite –before trying a cup of legendary “milky tea”. Unlike its British equivalent, this sweet and creamy beverage is made from condensed milk. It’s something of an obsession in Hong Kong, and forms the backbone of its age-old café culture.


Next up, we’ll hop on a double-decker tram over to Central District. This unique tram service has been running since 1904; with its large windows and trundling pace, it’s a great way to appreciate Hong Kong slightly apart from the bustle. Then it’s right back in, as we hit Central; the busiest shopping district in Hong Kong. We’re here to feast on bo zai fan, or Cantonese clay pot rice. A must-try delicacy, this dish sees toppings such as pork ribs, black beans or salted fish dripped over white rice, which is then cooked in a clay pot over a charcoal fire. As the pot warms up, the toppings are absorbed into the rice, producing an intense flavour, along with a distinct smokiness and crunchy layer of burnt rice (more delicious than it sounds). Afterwards, we’ll load up a few zha gui – golden fried churros, crisp on the outside and chewy within – before grabbing a stool at one of Hong Kong’s many celebrated dai pai dongs. These pop-up street food stalls form a mass of traditional shacks and on-the-move hawkers. Lying beyond the average comfort zone for tourists, they’re a great way to sample true Hong Kong culture, and your guide can help you navigate the Cantonese signs and menus. Fill your belly with anything from wok-fried oysters to macaroni with tomato broth, spiced curry fish balls or sweet and sour pork; all washed down with an obligatory Tsing Tao beer or three. Forget the packed bars of Central, or swanky international restaurants: this is where the real Hong Kong comes alive. After a hard day’s eating, we’ll head back to the hotel; or you may choose to hit the town with your newfound Flashpacker pals in tow.

More +

Tuck into Cantonese delights on this gourmet safari

We're hunting down the city’s best-kept culinary secrets

Dazzle your taste buds with different kinds of street food

Dig into some puffy egg waffles

Jump aboard the iconic double-decker tram

Hit up Central, the busiest shopping district in Hong Kong

Embrace the frenetic pace of this beguiling port city

Admire the dazzling Hong Kong skyline


Hike the Dragon’s Back trail, an 8.5km trek that takes you right out of the city, with glorious coastal views. Return to Hong Kong and wander around the waterfront Tsim Sha Tsui district before catching a night-time boat around the harbour. Take advantage of the unlimited on-board bar as you watch A Symphony of Lights, Hong Kong’s nightly laser show


One of the amazing things about Hong Kong is quite how rapidly the landscape changes, and we get to experience this transformation first-hand today, with a ramble along one of the region’s best-loved trails. The Dragon’s Back is an 8.5-kilometre trek through bamboo groves and remote stretches of coastline on the southeast corner of Hong Kong Island. It was named as Asia’s best urban trek by Time magazine, who noted that “the glory of it all is that you’re so close to the city, but could hardly feel further away”. This is where Hong Kong urbanites go to escape the crowds. Central, with its mass of people, is within easy reach, but you’ll be right in the heart of the wilderness with birdsong all around. The route forms part of the much larger Hong Kong trail, and meanders along the spinal ridge of a green coastal peaks that emulate the shape of a dragon (according to legend, the earth here represents a living being). We’ll pass through pathways shrouded by dense thickets, leading out through undulating hills and endless lush foliage, with sweeping views of the South China Sea all around. The most dramatic point comes at the Shek O Peninsula, where a 284m-high viewing platform affords a panoramic window out onto the ocean and nearby islands. On a clear day, you’ll even get a glimpse of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers here. The walk takes around 2.5 hours in total, and it’s wise to come armed with sensible footwear. Take plenty of water, too; staying hydrated helps with the humidity and the steep climb that comes with the first part of the walk.


When we’re done, you could take the MTR back to Central, or spend a bit of time wandering around the nearby fishing village of Shek O, with its seafood restaurants and pretty beach. We’ll regroup back at the hotel in the early evening, and take a quick hop over to Kowloon. The facing peninsula to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon is thought to be a little edgier and more authentic than its polished neighbour. The waterfront Tsim Sha Tsui district crackles with energy, comprising a sea of neon lights that indicate jewellery and gadget shops, mini-malls and Chinese restaurants. It’s a fascinating district to wander around and from here, we’ll catch a boat around Hong Kong harbour. This evening cruise offers a front-row seat to A Symphony of Lights, Hong Kong’s nightly laser show. The splendid 20-minute spectacle sees the city skyline come alive with colourful illuminations. Vivid beams bounce off over 40 towers on Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, to the sound of rousing music and commentary. It’s a quintessential Hong Kong experience, and one that’s best enjoyed over a chilled G&T. The bar on-board is unlimited, so get the rounds in with your Flashpacker crew, and toast to your evening adventure on the sea.

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adventure travel

Escape the city and hike along the Dragon’s Back trail

The route was named Asia’s best urban trek by Time magazine

Look out for the towering skyscrapers in the distance

Reach the Shek O Peninsula for epic panoramas

You're so near to the city, but it feels a million miles off

Wander around the fishing village of Shek O

Hang out on the picturesque beach here

Then, head to the lively waterfront of Tsim Sha Tsui

Amble around and soak in the energy of the streets

Jump aboard a boat across Hong Kong harbour

Watch a Symphony of Lights, the dazzling laser show that lights up the skyline


It’s time to bid farewell on our whistle-stop Hong Kong escape! From intoxicating food to a gorgeous coastal trek and a boozy harbour boat-ride, it’s been one epic stopover


Time flies when you’re having fun and, after an action-packed few days, it’s time to bade adieu on this city of delight. If you’re staying on here for a few days, you could mosey over to the Mid-Levels for a spot of shopping. This dynamic neighbourhood is home to a ream of hip boutiques, antique stores and art galleries. Or, you could book abroad a traditional junk boat and sail to Stanley, a chilled-out coastal town with a pretty market and beach. Over on Kowloon, you’ll find bargain designer good markets, along with a vast complex of outdoor swimming pools to while away a sunny afternoon in. But whatever you do next, let the charms of Hong Kong live strong within you. Our whistle-stop foray has been short but sweet, taking in the most potent experiences that the islands have to offer. We’ve sent out taste buds flying with sweet milky tea and Cantonese churros, and shrugged off the tourists in the vibrant land of dai pai dongs. We’ve savoured the frenetic pace of Central and Causeway Bay, before trading the big smoke for the joys of the wilderness. We’ve trekked along the hillside equivalent of a dragon, drinking in dazzling greenery and stunning sea views as we go. We’ve been wowed by bamboo thickets and panoramic island scenery. And we’ve cruised around Hong Kong harbour to watch the night sky come alive in a cacophony of lights. Not bad for a few days’ work…

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  • Meals Breakfast
walkable cities

Bid farewell to the bright lights of Hong Kong

Or set sail to the chilled out town of Stanley

Make the most of the shops at the Mid-Levels if you've got spare time

Or, continue on to further adventures in the region

solo travel

Is Vietnam calling?

September holidays

Or perhaps you fancy the sound of Japan

sunset cocktails

Meanwhile, Hong Kong has been epic

Important notes

Fly into and out of Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)

The plan on day 1 is for everyone to meet at the hotel at around 5pm so try and arrive before then.

Please be aware that the itinerary, activities and hotels are subject to change. These changes can happen with little notice due to availability, poor weather, seasonal changes, or other circumstances beyond our control. From time to time we may also make changes to your itinerary to try out new ideas and keep things fresh.

We take safety very seriously on Flash Pack adventures, click here to learn more.

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