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    3 Courses
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    Wine during dinner

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LOCATION: East Dulwich

Vietnamese food is right in the heart of its vibrant culture. Just as delicious on the side of a road as it is in top-end restaurants, Vietnamese cuisine brings people together like it’s sticky steamed rice. The Thai’s may try and disagree but in South East Asia, Vietnamese cuisine really is the superpower to be reckoned with. From its subtly spiced curries to its famous fish sauces and meat grilled to perfection, Vietnam is a simple yet dynamic blend of salty, sweet, fresh and sizzling flavours. Our London based Vietnamese Supper Club will take you to the cosmopolitan city of Saigon on a delicious journey through the amazing variety of dishes that grace the plethora of exciting restaurants. Trust us, one mouthful in and you’ll feel as though you have been transported right to the heart of glamorous Saigon itself.

  • Chat to your native Vietnamese chef about all her foodie experiences
  • Your menu has been created by a Saigon native and showcases the best of what the city has to offer
  • Enjoy a food and drink fuelled evening of fun with like minded, solo travellers
  • Experience traditional and super tasty Vietnamese street food in Yen's home in East Dulwich


Meet the Chef

Yen was born in southern Vietnam where she grew up on her family’s farm, enjoying wholesome home-cooked meals that sparked her passion for cooking authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Yen met Sela, an Israeli native, in the north of Vietnam where their relationship blossomed in Saigon. Following their wedding in 2016, they took the plunge and moved to London so that Yen could pursue her love for cooking and attend cookery school to perfect her skills.  Yen and Sela now open up their lovely East Dulwich flat for delicious supper clubs attended by friends, family and anyone looking for a Vietnamese feast that will transport you to the vibrant city of Saigon.


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Vietnam Supper club London

The Menu

Forget being in London, Yen prides herself on recreating the awesome flavours of Saigon. Her food is all prepared from scratch in her cosy kitchen using speciality herbs grown in the garden to ensure they are as fresh as possible. Yen’s menu seeks to replicate a traditional Saigon feast, think fresh summer rolls, broken rice and traditional, sweet basil seed pudding. Yen will regale you with tales of growing up on a Vietnamse farm alongside giving you top tips to make that perfect summer roll (don’t tell us you haven’t tried and failed at this in the confines of your own kitchen?!) One thing’s for sure, you will not leave this supper club feeling hungry -this is a feast for all the senses, prepare to be wowed!


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Why Vietnam?

If your taste buds are yet to be ignited by Vietnamese cuisine, allow us to step up to the challenge. Vietnam is a country of breathtaking natural beauty combined with a rich history and constantly evolving foodie scene. Unforgettable experiences are around every corner, be it discovering the chaos of Hanoi, kayaking across the stunning Halong Bay or hiking the emerald valleys of Sapa. All of this is accompanied by the most incredible of cuisines, a lure in itself for travellers from far and wide. The myriad of street food tours available as well as traditional cooking classes really make food a BIG focus of any Vietnamese travelling experience. Thanks to its influences from Thailand and China, the food here is one dynamic blend of incredible diversity and subtle flavours that can really pack a punch.

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Vietnam street food

Vietnam street food

Vietnam street food

Important notes

Flash Pack supper clubs are open to all solo’s in their 30’s & 40’s. Currently we only have London based supper clubs but we will be spreading to different cities across the globe soon. If you are a host or have an idea for an event in a city near you then please contact jenni@flashpack.com

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