What is a Flash Pack Insider?

Here at Flash Pack, we’re obsessed with quality. So when it comes to launching brand new trips, we need to make sure they cut the mustard. And as much as we would LOVE an office recce mission for every single trip, we need to keep things ticking over at Flash Pack HQ.

That’s where you guys come in. We handpick a select number of faithful Flashpackers to be the first set of people to try our new adventure.

So for every new trip, we’ll be running a special pre-release departure, think of it like the preview for a play. Everything is the same as it should be, but at a discounted price. You’ll still get to enjoy all the epic experiences like a normal Flash Pack holiday, just come with a discerning eye and a spirit of adventure. Plus we vet each Insider beforehand, so you’ll end up exploring with a bunch of open-minded jetsetters.

Of course it is brand spanking new, and whilst we have recced many elements of the trip, we have never run the trip from start to finish before.  This does mean that itineraries may not quite be honed to perfection yet and some of the activities and hotels might throw up issues which can only be identified by discerning insiders who are actually living the experience there and then! That’s why it’s important to explain that by being a Flash Pack Insider, you understand that the very first departure may not run exactly as planned. We need your Insider scoop on helping us make sure it’s totally up to scratch. We’re passionate about making our adventures the absolute best they can be, so who better to test drive our adventures than our very own Flashpackers!

So have a read of the rules below and get in touch if you want to be an insider!

  • We need your feedback!

    We certainly don’t want you to sugar coat anything, your feedback is absolutely essential. When you return to reality, you will need to have a chat with us on the phone or to fill in a form with your precious feedback. Be sure to have a notepad at the ready throughout the trip – keep notes on anything you would change or improve about the trip, we need your help in perfecting the experience!

  • We love seeing your pictures!

    Your Insider duties involve taking some snaps along the way. We want your authentic photos for our website and social media channels. You don’t have to be a professional photographer, we love home-grown snaps! And we will happily give you all credit for your images.

  • Share the trip on social media

    Whilst you check out this new destination, we’d love you to share your photos and promote the trip on your social media channels as you go. Just #adventuresworthsharing, @flashpack and tag us in your photos, it is as simple as that!

  • You can only do ONE Flash Pack Insider trip per calendar year

    Sorry, there’s a lot of you and we have to be fair to everyone. Unless of course, your feedback and trip promotion is totally invaluable, in which case we’ll have no choice but to get you on another trip!

You’re basically just exploring a new country and then showing off your holiday snaps on social media…and who doesn’t do that anyway?!

Just remember that by becoming an Insider you are officially part of the Flash Pack team, so you’ll learn how we recce a new destination whilst performing all the same duties that we would. There will even be someone from our London office coming along too, just to make sure it’s all ship shape. This means there’ll be a few extra surprises and delights along the way as we experiment what works best, this is what makes our Insider trips special.

It’s also a first come first served basis. We publish Insider departure dates through our newsletter only (sign up below) so keep an eye out!

To be considered please email us at readytoescape@flashpack.com with the subject ‘Flash Pack Insider’.

Welcome to the team!

“I can honestly say this is one of the best trips I’ve done and it has totally changed my perception of group adventure. I would absolutely book another trip with Flashpack. A 5* company in every respect.” 

Amanda Devonport – Peru Insider

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