5 ways to make every day an adventure

Close your eyes for a minute, and conjure up that delicious feeling you get before going on holiday. You’re brimming with energy , and the whole world seems to take on a different, almost golden-ish hue. Even problems that would normally annoy you pale into nothingness, because you’re high on the fumes of adventure. Now, […]

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How to make and keep good habits

Ever wondered why it’s *so* damn hard to make yourself go jogging after months of lying on the sofa? It’s a total slog, of course, and the tantalising call of Netflix doesn’t help. But the real reason is that your sofa-slug ways have become a habit. And habits, good or bad, are enormously “sticky” and […]

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An expert guide on how to get fit for adventure travel

Whether you’re going to trek through thick Amazonian jungle, head out on a Vespa tour around Spain, snorkel a shipwreck in Bali or climb a glacier in Iceland, you want to start your adventure with the confidence that you will enjoy it – and that involves being strong enough to overcome any challenges that appear […]

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Meet the man who overcame drug addiction to row the Atlantic solo

From heroin addict to adrenaline junkie, Gavan Hennigan used adventure travel to turn his life around. If his story doesn’t inspire you to see the world, nothing will… When’s the last time you came across an individual who made you feel guilty for even so much as *thinking* of a lazy day slumped in front […]

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Fine quotes on friendship from Winnie the Pooh

This week marks the birthday of A. A. Milne, creator of Winnie the Pooh and his beloved gaggle of woodland pals. Way before Taylor Swift’s #squadgoals became a thing, the likes of Pooh Bear, Piglet and co. were showing us how true friendship works. They knew the value of loyalty, humour and trust; and how […]

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solo travel

3 great places for solo travel in 2018

Solo travel is a brilliant way to build your confidence and meet new people; but it’s not without its drawbacks. A new study by Lonely Planet finds that safety concerns and the so-called ‘singles tax’ are two major barriers to people booking a trip alone. While it is ridiculous that travellers should have to pay a […]

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No dating, no drama: just single people travelling together

Here at Flash Pack, 80% of our customers are single. We specialise in holidays for solo travellers, drawn together in the framework of a group. Yet, our adventures are about as far from a messy singles getaway to Magaluf as you can hope to get. Why? The people who join our trips aren’t looking for […]

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get fit

6 covert ways to get fit on your travels

Hands up who wants to get fit? It’s an ambition many of us hanker after at the beginning of a new year – but wow, can it be boring. There are only so many re-runs of Home and Away one can watch on a treadmill before losing the will altogether, and the appeal of swimming […]

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Fun resolutions you’ll actually want to keep

If you’re anything like us, your New Year’s resolutions are beginning to wane about now. You can’t face another meal with quinoa, and the idea of heading outside for a jog is, frankly, horrible. Why even bother? The problem with resolutions is that they pit our small, finite glob of willpower against vast and ingrained […]

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5 simple reasons to be happy with the world

Put that breakfast burrito down and look alive. We are apparently at our most miserable right now. It’s cold and dark, and most of us are broke. Some of us have even given up boozing for the month (madness). To add insult to injury, we have Trumpery, Brexit, and an ongoing slew of bad news. But […]

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