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The Mexico earthquake and Hurricane Irma: how you can help

The past month has seen a trail of devastating natural disasters unfold in central America, the Caribbean and the United States. Hurricane Irma, the most powerful storm in a decade, wrecked havoc as it battered 11 Caribbean islands – including Puerto Rico and Cuba – before making landfall in Florida in mid-September. The category five […]

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thirties happiness

Why your thirties is the best time of life

When I turned thirty many moons ago, people sent me messages like “hooray -flirty 30!” and “it only gets better from now”. I thought they were just being nice; instead, they were spot-on. Hitting life’s third decade is like getting an upgrade after years of flying economy. There’s an intrinsic shift: after years of niggling self-doubt […]

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Sex and sleep are the two keys to happiness

What makes us happy? We’re on a never-ending quest for this elusive goal – but the answer could be simpler than we think. A good sex life and plenty of sleep are two factors that impact wellbeing beyond anything else, according to an intriguing new happiness index developed by social scientists. The scale was created […]

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The life-changing magic of meeting new people

It’s a fact of life that our social circles narrow as we get older. Once the voracious energy of our twenties wears off, we stop accruing pals at every turn (no matter how flaky or dubious these ‘friendships’ really are). And this process unfurls sooner than we might imagine. According to research published last year, […]

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Living Life on the Edge: My Croatian Adventure

My decision to book my first Flash Pack adventure came from my desire to go to Croatia, but due to work clashes, my go-to holiday pals were a no-go. Determined not to let this stop me, I went over the options in my mind… I could go alone I could join a group tour (surely […]

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The world’s greatest gin snack is right here in the UK

Last week, we brought you news of the woman who quit her teaching post to travel the world and drink gin. But if you too are a fan of the juniper tipple, don’t throw in the towel on your day job quite yet. Because we’ve just discovered a particularly delicious gin-related treat right here in […]

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travel mistake

Avoid this common mistake to make the most of your travels

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at a new place abroad? It might be mistake. If you’re anything like us, you’ll quickly Google the area’s star attractions – restaurants, museums or iconic monuments – and work out how many you can knock off the list. Even if you don’t consider yourself a […]

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Why You Should Pack Your Bags & Head to Sri Lanka

As an independent career woman, it’s hard to believe that despite reaching my mid thirties, I had never actually travelled alone in my life. There had always been partners or friends or family so booking Flash Pack’s Sri Lanka adventure was the first time that this wasn’t an option. But let’s just say, after taking […]

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Five incredible things to taste and try in Brazil

Aah, Brazil. Land of sun, samba and some of the skimpiest swimwear known to mankind. From the moment you touch down in this intoxicating country, you can’t fail to be moved by its infectious joie de vivre. From the hidden beaches of Bahia to the Amazonian wilderness and Rio sidewalks packed with beautiful people, this […]

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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway: My South African Adventure

South Africa, whilst sky-high on my bucket list, also filled me with slight fear as a solo traveller. Forget deadly lions and dangerous cities, I’m talking about its romantic reputation. Was it all just couple-filled hot air balloon rides and luxury lodges for two? As a single 30-something, the thought of sharing my bucket list […]

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