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adventure travel

Unusual adventures for the thrill-seeker within

A brave new dawn has risen over the realm of adventure travel, as more and more of us seek out the Great Unknown. Not content with merely sitting on a beach, a new generation of thrill-seekers are driving forward a boom in experiential holidays. It’s out with the inane and in with the intrepid, as travellers […]

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new friends

The unexpected secret to making new friends

As we get older, our social circles narrow. We are less likely to meet new people, and yet doing so makes us happier, more confident and better understood. Read more: Why do we idolise ‘The One’? Having friends is far more valuable So, how to reverse this decline in fresh friendship? You can start by “switching off” […]

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bucket list

Travel big with the world’s greatest bucket list

Behind every great bucket list lies a delicate balancing act. You need the romance of world-famous sights paired with the drama of epic experiences. You need dreamy landscapes served with a dollop of decadent events. Heart-racing adventure, dusted off with a touch of the unexpected. Read more: 5 mountain ranges to conquer before you’re 50 […]

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being single

Are you afraid of being single?

Bridget Jones famously feared dying alone and being half-eaten by Alsatians. But it’s fair to say that most of us hold a healthier attitude towards singledom. In fact, in a study  that asked single people straight-out whether they “fear being alone”,  the majority said no. 126 women and 27 men were questioned in the survey, […]

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career break

4 compelling arguments for a career break

The problem with taking a career break is that – even in this day and age – some people tend to regard it as somewhat flaky. Those who don’t know better (and there are invariably always some) assume it’s an excuse to mooch around a beach in South East Asia for six months, doing – […]

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hotel pool

6 of the best hotels with statement pools

One of the (many) delights of hitting your 30s and 40s is that you get to be more discerning about the hotels that you stay in. No more roughing it in $20-a-night shared dorms with “air con” that sounds like a persistent, hacking cough. Instead, you begin a subtle shift over to the finer things […]

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work perks

Golden rules to a happier workplace

A wise woman once said: the key to employee happiness is yoga and ice-cream machines. OK, perhaps she didn’t… But the fact remains that it only takes a few magic touches to lift an office from drudge central to Place I Wanna Be. Flash Pack HQ, for example, would be a flatter realm without the […]

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instant gratification

How travelling the world disrupts negative thinking

It’s all too easy to be pulled down a rabbit hole of negative thinking. Our minds love habits – even the bad ones – and worrying can form a compulsive loop that becomes rooted in who we are. But there’s good news, too. Our brains hold a degree of plasticity, meaning they’re able to learn new […]

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Spring-clean your work life with a dash of adventure

If there’s one thing you could say is palpably missing from your average day in the office, it’s adventure. After all, you’re unlikely to sit through a meeting thinking, “wow, this is thrilling!” Your commute could hardly be typified by an appetite for greater heights and more daring delights (unless you’re an airline pilot). Read […]

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5 of the best beaches for solo travellers

When you’re born a beach-lover, you don’t have to think about it. It’s just instinct; an innate response that lures you to powdery sands and palm-fringed coves. The planet’s best beaches are also a beacon for solo travellers, providing infinite space for self-growth and a cocktail or two in the most sublime settings known to man. […]

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