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Time to ditch the lads holiday?

Is it finally time for men to ditch the lads holiday?

It’s that time of year again. You’re staring at your inbox, waiting for a juicy discount code to appear, when pops up *that* group email: ‘Lads on Tour 2019!’ It’s an email that used to excite you, but now, be honest, does a lads holiday make you slightly anxious? When you were young, you and […]

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walkable cities

Get lost in the world’s most walkable cities

There’s an undeniable romance about great city walks. There you are, on the brink of somewhere fresh and undiscovered, with the streets spreading out before you. Direction isn’t really important; you can just choose a neighbourhood and then wander around at your own pace. Perhaps you stop for a coffee in a leafy square along […]

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Ed Stafford Adventure Travel Destinations

The best adventure travel destinations in the world, by Ed Stafford

Hailed as “truly extraordinary” by Sir Ranulph Fiennes and “Britain’s most intrepid hero since Scott of the Antarctic” , adventurer Ed Stafford hit the record books after becoming the first man to walk the Amazon. The deadly journey took two and half years and, now a Discovery Channel documentary, ignited a career in solo adventure. Ed […]

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drink with strangers

How to drink with strangers: bartenders share their tips

Most solo travellers will agree that the most awkward time of any trip is the evenings. The galleries are closed, you’ve done 17 laps of the open-top tour bus, there are no more ‘activities’ to occupy you, and you begin to wonder: what would I do if my friends were here? But this shouldn’t be […]

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digital nomad travelling in Indonesia

14 secrets of a kick-ass digital nomad

Dream of becoming a digital nomad? It’s easy to romanticise the idea of working aboard. Say the words “location independent” and images of a hip coffee shop somewhere in downtown Buenos Aires spring to mind, or hazy days spent by a palapa hut on a remote Keralan beach. The reality, of course, is rather different. […]

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single woman in her 40s

The truth about being single in your 40s

Can you be happy and single in your 40s? Of course you can. You don’t need a baby or marriage to succeed in life. And yet, women, in particular, are so often cast as caregivers, there is no narrative for those of us who veer off-script. Do you know about @novellanyc? I’m so impressed by […]

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How to make friends in your 30s and 40s

Make friends with strangers abroad When you’re in your 20s, you make friends as if wolfing down a bag of Haribo on a long car journey. It happens all at once, without you really thinking about it. But cruise on into your 30s and the landscape starts to shift. You lose the fair-weather mates and keep […]

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A rookie’s guide to climbing Mount Toubkal – this is what it takes

Thinking of climbing Mount Toubkal? I’ve taken on the challenge myself and, well, you can barely imagine the scene. Staring down at an unforgiving cliff face, clouds forming and birds circling below. Standing tall despite utter exhaustion and the kind of hysteric elation that should knock you to the ground, head first.   Forevermore emotions […]

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Is solo travel okay if you’re in a relationship?

There is a certain type of couple – you know them – who declare that they are effectively the same person, just in two separate bodies, which means it was fate or a near-impossible twist in the space-time continuum that they met. They say things like, “she’s like a female me,” or “I can’t believe […]

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career break

4 reasons why your boss may say “yes” to a career break

With workplace happiness taking centre stage in recent years, companies are increasingly open to the idea of a career break. Once considered a no-no, employers now recognise the benefits of taking a sabbatical and pressing the re-set button. But that doesn’t make the actual request any less daunting. The first step to a good career […]

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