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5 bucket list cities in Asia to tick off in a lifetime

Asia. Earth’s largest and most populous continent spans a staggering 17,000 square miles, give or take a few hundred, meaning there’s plenty to explore. We know, understatement of the century.   Specifically, it’s a place home to some of the world’s most exciting cities. Cities that are often the jewels in the crown for our […]

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Quiz: What’s your adventure personality?

Travel-lovers, look alive. With Flash Pack trips in over 45 countries, we have a different adventure for every type of wanderluster. Not sure where to go? Take our dandy quiz below to discover what kind of explorer you are at heart. Each answer comes with at least three trip suggestions to fuel your globe-trotting soul. […]

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Group travel: “What if I don’t get on with anyone in my group?”

If there’s one doubt that everyone shares ahead of their first group travel experience, it’s whether they will get on with everyone in their group. After all, a week or more with 14 people you don’t know is a fair-ish plunge into the unknown. You’re handing over a lot of control. It’s also your cash […]

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September holidays

Hot September holidays to book right now

The back-to-school hordes may have to vamoose come September, but there’s no reason why the rest of us should. As the world at large sharpen their pencils, us free-spirits pick up where the masses have left off, taking advantage of recently vacated beaches, bars and hillside retreats the world over. September is prime time for […]

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5 of the finest picnic spots all across the globe

Back in the day, the word “picnic” conjured up images of limp cheese sandwiches and a gallon of orange squash. But throw a global stage into the mix, and you have a whole different picture. Set against the backdrop of a Costa Rican volcano, or a remote Omani wadi, the humble picnic is suddenly elevated. […]

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green therapy

Unwind and recharge with a green therapy hit

We hunter-gatherers evolved in vast open Savannah, but somewhere along the way we’ve lost the link. Years of glaring lights and gadgets have re-framed our relationship with nature, creasing a chasm between ourselves and the world around us. But this dislocation from the Great Outdoors isn’t a foregone conclusion. Read more: The man who canoed […]

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adventure quiz

Where in the world is your ultimate adventure?

** Adventure quiz alert – grab a cuppa and settle in ** Life wasn’t made for sitting at your computer, glued to a landscape of post-its and leftover coffee mugs. Nor was it made for thinking, “what if?” or “maybe, one day…” As any adventurist will tell you, our time on earth is short but […]

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adventure architect

Life as a Flash Pack adventure architect

Charlie Cotton is an adventure architect for Flash Pack. He spends his days hunting down fresh ideas for off-radar experiences and travelling abroad for research (yes, really). Here, he gives a peek behind the scenes of his dreamy-sounding job Ever since I can remember, I’ve relished going on an adventure. If it’s something a bit […]

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5 bucket list islands to tick off in a lifetime

“The island had come to seem one of those places seen from the train that belong to a life in which we shall never take part” There’s something magical about the lure of islands, as the cast of Swallows and Amazons know well. The perfect island doesn’t have to have palm trees and white sand […]

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adventure travel

6 warm-up trips to awaken your adventurist within

Behind every great adventure lies a smaller challenge; something that whets your appetite and builds your stamina for the challenges that lie ahead. Rather than jump right into a major feat (say, climbing Rainbow Mountain in Peru), you might prefer to first test the sponge-like walls of your comfort zone. Courage is an elastic quality, […]

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