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adventure travel

Unusual adventures for the thrill-seeker within

A brave new dawn has risen over the realm of adventure travel, as more and more of us seek out the Great Unknown. Not content with merely sitting on a beach, a new generation of thrill-seekers are driving forward a boom in experiential holidays. It’s out with the inane and in with the intrepid, as travellers […]

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hotel pool

6 of the best hotels with statement pools

One of the (many) delights of hitting your 30s and 40s is that you get to be more discerning about the hotels that you stay in. No more roughing it in $20-a-night shared dorms with “air con” that sounds like a persistent, hacking cough. Instead, you begin a subtle shift over to the finer things […]

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meeting new people

Travelling with strangers: “what if there’s no-one like me?”

Meeting new people is a daunting prospect; especially if you’re about to spend two weeks on the road with them somewhere far-flung and exotic. “Oh my goodness, I was so nervous,” says Kirsteen, who travelled with Flash Pack to Peru and Bolivia. “I still remember the first thing I did after I booked the holiday […]

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No dating, no drama: just single people travelling together

Here at Flash Pack, 80% of our customers are single. We specialise in holidays for solo travellers, drawn together in the framework of a group. Yet, our adventures are about as far from a messy singles getaway to Magaluf as you can hope to get. Why? The people who join our trips aren’t looking for […]

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get fit

6 covert ways to get fit on your travels

Hands up who wants to get fit? It’s an ambition many of us hanker after at the beginning of a new year – but wow, can it be boring. There are only so many re-runs of Home and Away one can watch on a treadmill before losing the will altogether, and the appeal of swimming […]

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Feel the fear with these 6 daredevil challenges

Fear is a funny old thing. It either fuels you or freezes you, and staring it down can do wonders for your confidence. “Every time you encounter something that forces you to handle it, your self-esteem is raised considerably,” writes psychologist Susan Jeffers, in her best-selling book Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway. “You […]

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The magic ingredient of Flash Pack travel

At Flash Pack, we provide an antidote to nice-but-generic holidays. We don’t do adventures that easily blur into one another. Instead, we pack our trips with experiences so potent, you feel like you’ve been away for weeks. The group dynamic is key for us, but it can only play out if we use rich experiences […]

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travel with strangers

5 great reasons to travel with strangers

Why travel with strangers when you could hire a villa with mates and hit St Tropez for the week? Or holiday with your sister in Brazil? Group travel has a notoriously bad rap. No surprise that many travellers are put off by the idea of joining a giant, anonymous huddle traipsing after someone with an […]

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“What if I don’t get on with anyone in my group?”

If there’s one doubt that everyone shares ahead of their first Flash Pack trip, it’s whether they will get on with their group. After all, a week or more with 14 people you don’t know is a fair-ish plunge into the unknown. You’re handing over a lot of control. It’s also your cash and your […]

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Travel and the power of friendship

In an age of supreme digital connectivity, it’s ironic that many of us feel more disconnected than ever before. Having friends is strongly linked to health and happiness, and quality trumps quantity every time. We’re not talking Facebook contacts here, but genuine and lasting chemistry that stands the test of time. Yet, loneliness is a […]

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