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3 ways to use adventure to get out of a mid-30s slump

You know when people stop listening to new music? Turns out it’s just 33. That seems young for people to be like, “Nope, I’m good,” and head into, on average, 50 more years without trying new things. Evolutionarily, I can see how this would make sense. Your habits have kept you alive this long,  you […]

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Why the 30s are your power years

I’m always freaking out about life. In middle school I panicked about high school, college, my starting steps of my career, and so, of course, when I was in my late 20s, not having met a few of the key indicators that I was doing Good Enough, I started to panic. Does anyone know what […]

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The power of saying yes

Just when I thought I was getting too old to have those college-backpacker, life-changing experiences, I found myself samba dancing down the main street of a South American town, wearing only a skirt and sequinned bra top. Like a fool, I had promised myself that I would say yes to any opportunity that came my […]

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career break

“Why I quit my city job to train as a ski instructor”

Frankie Flower, 31, was firmly entrenched in the London rat race last year, when she suddenly decided she needed a change of scene. Having lived in the capital for nearly a decade, she decided to quit her corporate job and instead pursue a passion for skiing in the Canadian Rockies. Now six weeks into her […]

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solo travel

3 great places for solo travel in 2018

Solo travel is a brilliant way to build your confidence and meet new people; but it’s not without its drawbacks. A new study by Lonely Planet finds that safety concerns and the so-called ‘singles tax’ are two major barriers to people booking a trip alone. While it is ridiculous that travellers should have to pay a […]

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Solo travel gets rid of a major stress trigger

People who haven’t travelled alone before tend to think of it as a stressful experience. They worry about how they’ll manage alone and whether they’ll be able to cope. The fact is, solo travel actually removes a huge source of stress: obligation. A close neighbour of expectation, we carry the weight of obligation around with […]

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12 countries in 12 months – the challenge you need in 2018

Remember last New Year’s? Slumped on the train back from your parents’ house with a throbbing hangover and overcast British skies whizzing by, you swore to yourself that 2017 would be ‘the one’. That this would be the year where you finally expanded your horizons and saw the world. But then life happened – again […]

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Want to travel solo? Don’t wait to be confident

We all have a mental image of what solo travel looks like. It’s a phrase that evokes confidence. We imagine a man suavely charming strangers in a Dominican Republic bar. A woman breezily strolling through Beijing airport, ready to take on the world. Explorers swaggering up mountains or down beaches, oozing serenity and self-belief. These […]

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mental health, Image credit: @edwinarobertson/Instagram

Tackling burnout with an outback adventure

Around 1 in 4 of us will suffer a mental health problem every year in the UK. Dialogue around issues such as anxiety and depression is slowly opening up, but the stigma dies hard. Too often, these illnesses remain clouded in shame. Around the world, people still struggle to articulate or understand what it means […]

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The reality of going on a group tour with strangers

I recently returned from one of the best experiences of my life. Forget your bog standard holiday, I’m talking about an action packed two week adventure in Vietnam & Cambodia. With the risk of sounding like a cliché traveller, packing up my stuff in search of new horizons is not a foreign concept to me. […]

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