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American? You’re overdue a vacation, here’s why

If given the choice, Americans prefer toiling away at the workplace rather than disconnecting on vacation. While it seems unbelievable, a new study released this week by Expedia shows that American vacation deprivation levels are at a five-year high. 59% of respondents said that they are “somewhat” or “very” deprived. That’s 8% more than last […]

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“Sightseeing drones: a travel trend that’s nothing to do with travel”

The growth in sightseeing drones is yet another way to spoil travel and take away from the moment. Let’s stop trying to shortcut adventure, says Flash Pack contributor Anna Brech This weekend, the Times reported on a surge in “sightseeing drones”, whereby tourists abroad can plug into a virtual reality headset and explore nearby sights […]

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Can adventure travel help you live longer?

“Who wants to live forever?” sang Queen, over a heart-wrenching montage in Highlander, of the immortal Connor MacLeod watching his beloved wife age and die as he remains in his late Twenties. I’ll be honest, it’s not the best advert for eternal life you’ll ever see, and probably highlights why most people would answer Freddie […]

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Relax and unwind: 13 places to escape work and completely de-stress

Let’s be frank, work is stressful. The need to de-stress can be strong. When you’re really honest with yourself, don’t you find yourself spending the majority of your time in work dreaming of what you’ll do with your time off?  And what do you dream of? Relaxation? No stress? Anything but work? Of course, it can […]

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6 alternative European city breaks to dive into this autumn

Fall is in the air, bringing with it the scent of change and horizons new. With the school crowds back at base and airline flash sales in full flow, autumn is a golden time for adventure. But when it comes to European city breaks, think beyond the obvious for the greatest treasures of all. Sidestep […]

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A rookie’s guide to climbing Mount Toubkal – this is what it takes

Thinking of climbing Mount Toubkal? I’ve taken on the challenge myself and, well, you can barely imagine the scene. Staring down at an unforgiving cliff face, clouds forming and birds circling below. Standing tall despite utter exhaustion and the kind of hysteric elation that should knock you to the ground, head first.   Forevermore emotions […]

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travel podcasts§

5 essential travel podcasts to take on your next adventure

One of my favourite parts of travelling is the actual travelling bit. Jumping in a plane, a car or a rickety old bus, staring out the window and drinking in new surroundings. Sometimes, though, I tend to wreck lovely, picturesque views with thoughts from my idiot brain. I’ll be staring at a sunset and thinking […]

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World Cup 2018

World Cup 2018 adventures as beautiful as the game itself

It felt as though every single nook and cranny of England went crazy on Tuesday night, after the team nailed a penalty shoot-out win against Colombia in the World Cup 2018 knockout stages. We don’t yet know who’ll be World Cup 2018 champions. But I think one of the best things about the tournament is […]

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fitness adventures

4 ways to send your fitness soaring with adventure travel

Exercise is good for you. Surprising, I know, but it still feels like we all need to be told. In fact, one in four Brits avoid exercise at all costs, according to research from the British Lung Foundation. The reason? They feel it poses a danger to their health. True story. While it’s fair to […]

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Boost your wellbeing with this one, simple tip

Struggling for inspiration in your plans to get away from it all this summer? Craving an adventure, with some wellbeing TLC? The key to achieving this could be simpler than you think – and we’re not keeping it secret. At all. Look to the water – for the mere sight or sound of it triggers […]

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