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Trade your city break for a wilderness weekend

Forget elbowing your way through overcrowded tourist traps. 2018 is the year for flinging yourself out of your comfort zone, and getting back to nature. With the relentless pace of the modern world taking its toll – we spend more time on tech than asleep and are working longer hours than ever before –  many […]

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The most beautiful airports in the world

Say what you will about the downsides of air travel – parking your car so far from the terminal you’re practically in another time zone; jousting for available plug sockets; that eternal slog through security – there’s no denying the allure of airports. It’s all too easy to forget just what an important role this transport […]

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Why travelling alone gives you the edge at work

We all know the boss who regards taking time off work as a suspect act: something that’s borderline flaky. Like: yes, *technically* you’re allowed holiday but it’s really inconvenient that you’re actually taking it. Naturally they don’t say this (hello, lawsuit), but it’s implied in every suppressed eye roll and reluctant signing of a holiday […]

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flow happiness

This key pillar of happiness is often overlooked

As children, we have an intrinsic grasp of what happiness is without questioning it too much. But as we get older, we start interrogating whether or not we are fulfilled. Happiness becomes a complex list of caveats to tick off. These might be tangible (more money, a place to live) or abstract (a happy relationship, […]

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5 mountain ranges to conquer before you’re 50

For years, mankind has responded to the mysterious lure of the mountain summit. “Everest has the most steep ridges and appalling precipices that I have ever seen,” wrote mountaineer George Mallory, in a 1921 letter to his wife. “My darling this is a thrilling business altogether, I can’t tell you how it possesses me, and […]

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Three life-altering benefits of adventure hiking

A new study has revealed that hiking is officially the most popular activity among adventure travellers, outstripping  kayaking, scuba diving and horse-riding as a must-have experience abroad. So, what is it about the simple act of traversing the Great Outdoors that appeals to us so much? Here, we take a closer look at the free and brilliant […]

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The age when you begin to enjoy holidays

Cast your mind back to holidays in your twenties. A lot of booze, no? Carefree we may have been, but we also spent far too much time hanging out in hotel rooms where the air con didn’t work and the shower was emanating a weird mouldy smell. We *thought* we were having a wonderful time […]

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The world’s best vegetarian-friendly countries

Travelling as a vegetarian can be tough. Even just across the channel, in France, you’re regarded as something of a freak – who the hell doesn’t eat meat? – and your only real option is omelette avec salade. Elsewhere in the world, you may be greeted with blank faces or the reassurance, “yes, yes, vegetarian!” only […]

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Want a happy career? Replace what with why

As children, we intuitively follow our “why”. Whatever makes us happy, we do – whether that’s riding a bike at breakneck speed with our legs in the air or fleecing homemade mud pies to reluctant family members. It’s only as we get older that we start to lose this innate sense of purpose. Instead, we […]

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travel money

This currency trick will save you money abroad

Once upon a time, we actually enjoyed ordering holiday money. We came away with a fresh wallet of exotic-looking notes, feeling a bit like a flush millionaire with Monopoly cash to splash… This, we told ourselves, was living. Alas, the weak pound has long seen off this (slightly pathetic) pleasure. A champagne problem, we know, […]

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