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15 of the world’s most incredible views to be in right now

We’re all familiar with the world’s starring views: the Great Wall of China, say, or the Herculean peaks of the Canadian Rockies (above). But behind these headline acts lie other, more remote windows onto the world which are just as powerful, yet off the mainstream radar. Read more: 5 friendly towns for solo travel newbies […]

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Why people who live single are often the least selfish of us all

With more and more people flying solo around the world, being single has evolved from a life stage to a state of being. Increasingly, it’s something that people are actively seeking out, as a means of finding fulfilment and purpose. Read more: Can adventure help you live longer? And yet, a common myth persists: that […]

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The brilliant benefits of wild swimming and hot spring bathing

We always feel better after a swim outdoors but why? With a new study showing that paddling just once a month eases anxiety and depression, we take a closer look at its feel-good effect – along with the world’s best places to take the plunge. Swimming is like meditation Stressful crawl lessons in the school swimming […]

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Have you visited the world’s most popular city?

The Thai capital Bangkok has been named the world’s most popular travel destination in a global index poll by Mastercard. This pulsating city of contrasts saw off competition from 161 places around the world to nab the title for the second year running. With over  20 million intentional visitors pounding its streets in 2017, Bangkok soared […]

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“Meghan Markle’s baby news is great but women are more than just mothers”

With Meghan Markle’s pregnancy in the headlines, writer Anna Brech says it’s time to rethink the way we talk about women and motherhood Kensington Palace has announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting a child today: cue a slew of baby-related trivia for the next nine months and beyond. Interestingly, Harry will play […]

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Sean Conway: 10 life-enriching reasons to take on an epic solo challenge

Zimabwean adventurer and author Sean Conway has never shied away from a challenge. It’s why, among other things, he’s the first person to cycle, swim, and run the length of Great Britain. Here are his life-affirming reasons why YOU should embark on your own solo adventure. “Dear Sean. We’ve recently had a crew member drop […]

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5 daring desert adventures to book right now

Want to tap your explorer within and send your comfort zone spinning? Don’t miss these spectacular desert adventures, from dune-bashing in the Wahiba Sands to sunset camel rides across the Sahara. From an ancient realm comes horizons new – and we’re ready to jump right in… Sundowners in the Atacama Desert, Chile The Valle de […]

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3 gripping books to take on your next adventure

The sweetest moment for any book-lover heading abroad is surely that moment when you load up your Kindle with a handful of fresh new reads at the airport. And hand-in-hand with that comes the inevitable let-down when you discover that said books don’t live up to the hype. Granted, it’s a first world problem but […]

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Try Croatia’s fjaka mindset for a happier work-life balance

Traditionally, back-to-school season means arming yourself with a “bouquet of newly sharpened pencils” (thanks Nora Ephron). But as well as charging yourself up for the challenges ahead, the turn of the season is also a great chance to reassess your work-life balance. Do you struggle to leave the office before 7pm every night? Are you […]

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