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This productivity hack will change your life

Ever wondered why you found it so damn hard to focus? At the point where you most need to get down to it, your brain finds every excuse not to: “Maybe I’ll paint the bathroom…” “Hmm, those plants are looking a little dry” “I wonder what that person I met 15 years ago at drama […]

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live longer

Can being single help you live longer?

Anyone who’s ever been single in their 30s and 40s will be familiar with the titled head gaze. The domain of well-meaning relatives, this time-honoured gesture is often accompanied by the words, “Shouldn’t you be settling down by now?” (Side note – never feel obliged to do anything that starts with the word “should”). What […]

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Upgrade your workout with kickboxing

No longer the realm of hardened fighters, kickboxing gyms are becoming a popular option for city-goers who want to bust stress and boost wellbeing. Here, world title holder Alex Lawson – who trains clients at London’s Springhealth Kickboxing, KXU gym and Equinox gym – reveals the benefits of an intense and thrilling sport: Calorie after-burn Not many […]

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Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Delicious brunch ideas from around the world

If you speak to any Aussie, American or Brit about brunch, I can guarantee that they’ll proudly profess this awesome tradition originated with them. I’ll leave it up to you to pass judgement but a lazy Sunday sitting in the sunshine with a belly full of avocado is certainly an unbeatable past-time. It was one […]

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Solo travel unlocks this secret to fulfillment

According to a new blog by Quartz, resilience is the most important quality in life. “Feeling good is all fine and good, but it’s fleeting,” says writer Ephrat Livni. “Learning to deal with difficulty, by contrast, improves your chances of feeling good again. That’s much more useful than clinging to an illusion. “To be happy, […]

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travel local

Travel local: advice from a badass adventurer

Long before travel blogging became a thing, Dervla Murphy decided to document her overland cycle ride from Ireland to India in 1963. Armed with one change of underwear and a .25 automatic pistol for protection, she set off across Istanbul and the remote Afghan passes, in search of the Great Unknown. By any standard, the six-month feat […]

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thirties crisis

“I embraced my thirties crisis – here’s why you should, too”

Everyone has heard of the mid-life crisis … you know, when your dad goes a bit crazy and trades in his trusty Ford Focus for a Maserati (or a VW Camper Van named Scarlett in my dad’s case). There is, however, a newer phenomenon which is becoming more and more prevalent: step forward the lesser-known […]

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7 lessons I learnt from almost losing my life

Paul Middleton was 37 years old and working as a civil engineer in Victoria, Australia, when a freak accident changed his life forever. Here, he explains how he turned a major catastrophe into a positive experience – proving the old adage that you must never, ever give up…   I was staying at a friend’s […]

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The brilliant benefits of a four-day working week

It’s all too easy to live for the weekend. The week passes in a frenetic blur of tasks and then there’s a brief two-day hiatus – a time so brief, the FOMO pressure is huge – before we’re catapulted right back into the thick of things. We’re either working hard or playing hard, but never […]

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Even the happiest person in the world feels sad sometimes

Those of you who regularly pound the London pavements may well have come across “notes to strangers”; little quotes strategically placed on lampposts, post boxes and bins throughout the city. This is a project headed up by a local artist, designed to make people feel less alone in this oh-so-big and scary city. I have […]

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