Want to join a photojournalist on an exciting 4-day street photography mission to Istanbul?

Written by Radha Vyas

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Forget the boring theory and expensive photography schools and learn how to set your camera to stun on the run!

If you are passionate about street photography, but lack the essential skills to capture that magic moment in its full magnificence, then prepare to take your expertise to the next level with this immersive, practical and fully hands-on course presented by photojournalist and The Flash Pack founder, Lee Thompson.

The welcoming natural light, visually compelling surroundings and vast choice of exotic subjects make Istanbul the perfect training ground for beginners wishing to exchange the safety of shooting on automatic for the real deal (and enjoy some exquisite Turkish nosh too). The vibrant people and colourful city streets of Istanbul will be our studio and Lee will be our friendly private tutor and guide.

More practical street snapping with a real expert by your side than tedious lecture; more exciting adventure than strenuous boot camp; this intense street photography workshop is limited to 8 individuals per trip and will teach you how to:

  • Master every setting on your camera and unleash your creativity
  • Compose stunning images and explore unseen perspectives
  • Boost your confidence and take stunning people portraits and landscapes
  • Enhance your technique and benefit from insider tips, tricks and shortcuts
  • Capture that perfect moment no matter how low the light or fast the subject
  • Enjoy a fun-filled 4 –day weekend and return a pro with the snaps to prove it.


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Day 1 – Thursday: After a short BA flight to Taturk airport, we will transfer to a 4-star boutique hotel located in the heart of the old city, spend the day exploring Istanbul and plan our moves around a delicious meet and greet dinner.

Day 2 – Friday: To make the most of every sliver of natural light, we rise with the sun and begin our day with a location shoot in the exquisite Blue Mosque.We hit the picturesque backstreets toward Aya Sofiya and spend the rest of the day preparing for our first nightlife shoot of Istanbul after dark. 

Day 3 – Saturday: To add an element of fun we start our third day getting lost in the vibrant Covered Bazaar. After some local lunchtime nibbles we embark on a series of 20-minute ‘photographic challenges’ just to make sure that everyone is up to speed with their street photography. Without flashes or floodlights, we spend our last evening going boldly forth into the electric night on a private twilight cruise to Asia.

Day 4 – Sunday: Over a hearty breakfast we will recap on everything learned during our short but fruitful stay and bring the course to a formal close with a show and tell session before heading back to the Airport for a 4pm flight back home.

About Lee Thompson

Lee is a bold adventurer with an appetite for sharing the unseen, uncharted and unexplored. As an award winning photographer (and Co-founder of The Flash Pack), Lee has been at the heart of many of the world’s top breaking stories, including the Tsunami in Japan, Egyptian Revolution, and Libyan Conflict.

He has worked alongside journalists in extreme hostile environments and developed an uncanny ability to deliver high-impact and evocative images under intense pressure. Lee has had work published in FHM, Time Magazine, The Sun, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Christian Aid and the Conservative Party and many other international newspapers and magazines. 

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Space is limited, so put in leave, tender your resignation or do whatever you have to do, but get your name on the list today and contact Lee directly for more info.