Find people to travel with in your 30s and 40s

Written by Flora Hackett

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For single professionals in their 30’s and 40’s, the quest to find people to travel with can be a bit of a deal breaker when it comes to living out those dreams of yours.

So call us the Cupid of the digital world if you will because we’re on a rescue mission here at Flash Pack HQ. We’re here to unite you single 30-40 something’s and whisk you away on the adventure of a lifetime. And we do this through *deep breath* a GROUP TOUR. But these are no ordinary group tours, far from it. We’ve lovingly filtered out the ukulele-clutching students and relaxed retired folk, they can stick to their grimy hostels and coach tours. Instead, expect adventure-packed itineraries with luxury hotels and unforgettable experiences.

And the best bit? That you get to share the adventure with truly like-minded people in their 30s and 40s: the same life stage, same age group, and same desire to travel the world.

That’s where our matchmaking comes in. For single 30-40 something’s, we believe this is the PERFECT time to meet new people and quench your thirsty wanderlust. Just choose your destination and we’ll set you up with fellow solo travellers ready to explore life off the beaten path. Whether this leads to wedding bells we can’t guarantee, yet what we can promise are amazing new friendships. Cheesy it may sound, yet we’re talking real, genuine, let’s-move-in-together kind of friendships. Here’s the Flash Pack low down on how we do it:

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The demographics

The majority of group tours out there can be a bit of a (not so) lucky dip when it comes to who you’re travelling with (our Co-founder Radha learnt this the hard way) So it may sound ruthless, but we’re really strict about keeping our adventures solely for solo travellers aged 30 and 40 something. In this age range we find that people want awesome adventure, yet with a tasty helping of luxury and comfort. 68% of our customers have never been on a group tour before, often because they’ve had their career hat on and been busy being all responsible. Now with a little more money under their belt, the nagging feeling of missing out on seeing the world is too strong to resist. But as their friends settle down, have kids and head to Disneyland, trying to find people to travel with becomes increasingly difficult.

At this point we’d like to wave a big banner in front of them saying ‘come join a Flash Pack group tour with likeminded 30-40 something’s!’, but that might be seem a bit pushy (and involve some breaking and entering). So instead we specifically target our marketing in the hope that adventure-seeking eyes will fall on our website (like you, you big adventurer). This way we ensure the right sort of Flashpacker books on in the first place, so you can all share the experience without a dreadlocked gap-yah student in sight.

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The experiences

We’ve learnt along the way one very simple equation: like-minded travellers + epic experiences = the best of kind of friendships. It seems that when a group of similarly aged people find themselves doing something new and exciting, this is the ultimate situation for new friendships to blossom. There’s something about plunging yourself out of your comfort zone together that connects you in a way you don’t even feel with your oldest friends. Whether this is trekking to the colourful summit of Rainbow Mountain or bathing rescued elephants in Myanmar, these experiences create memories and friendships that last a lifetime.

The room sharing

On our adventures there’s no single supplement, instead we match you up with like-minded roommates. This may seem a bold move, yet we believe this is a really great way to get to know your fellow jetsetters. The rooms are all same sex, but we’re not talking bunk beds and lights out at 9pm. Our accommodation is a far cry from the hostels of your youth and those tourist-filled chain hotels. Whether you’re staying in a bohemian treehouse or glamping in the jungle, you can’t help but bond with your roommate. Trust us, it’s way more fun this way.

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The reunions

After all the hilarious and heart warming memories you co-created with your fellow Flashpackers, we bet you’ll be planning a reunion as soon as you land. Or in some cases, maybe even planning to move in together! We get that making new friends in your 30s and 40s alongside a hectic career can be a rare occurrence, so we love bringing together like-minded adventure seekers that remain friends for life.

Here’s a lovely summarising quote to finish, from Flashpacker Amanda who travelled to Vietnam & Cambodia with us:

“I truly believe that no one will understand the essence of a Flash Pack adventure until you have been through it yourself. I wouldn’t hesitate to do another Flash Pack tour, not just because of the amazing itineraries and destinations, but because what’s not to like about potentially making more great friends for life?’  …Read Amanda’s full blog here!

So if you’re in the midst of trying to find people to travel with, we could politely suggest you take a look at our small group adventure tours, or we could say LOOK NO FURTHER!! Either way, it’s over to you!