Where in the world is your ultimate beach?

Written by Anna Brech

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Finding a beautiful beach is a bit like making the perfect cup of tea. Everyone has their own exacting specifications. Some prefer the classic palm tree-fringed idyll of powdery white sands and warm, inviting waters. Others prefer a party vibe: think cocktails on tap and an open window for people-watching. Still more are drawn to remote patches of wilderness, with craggy outcrops and the brisk chill of open sea air. And then we have our adventure junkies: the kind who get itchy feet lying in a hammock all day and simply have to get out surfing, or pounding the waves in a canoe.

From the tropical island paradise of Colombia’s coastline to the dramatic silhouette of the Scottish highland shores, there’s a beach out there somewhere that was made from you. Come find out where it is by taking our exacting and highly scientific quiz, below. All answers tally with a Flash Pack destination, so you can always visit our adventure trips page afterwards, to find out more about your perfect match. Good luck, and three cheers for beach life…