Single? Reclaim your Christmas greeting

Written by Anna Brech

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We all know the perfect relationship doesn’t exist, and yet it’s something that is aggressively marketed at Christmas-time. We don’t know whether to blame Love Actually or Mariah Carey herself, but either way, “happy couple” is the relentless message of the season. We can barely move for his ‘n’ her stockings, schmaltzy song lyrics and images of cosy couples in cashmere knits.

No wonder the divorce rate shoots up after the holidays; it’s too much pressure to bear. And as for anyone who has the audacity to be single at such a time; well, you can forget it. If you don’t have someone to kiss under the mistletoe, you’re at least expected to yearn for it. None of the Christmas songs would make sense otherwise.

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Yet, as more and more of us choose to be single, a revolution is brewing. No longer will singletons be patronised and pitied come Noel. Instead, they’re making a stand. The first frontier of this battle? Christmas cards.


Historically, Christmas cards have been saccharine affairs, filled with sentiments around love and Happy Ever After. Now, various entrepreneurs are turning the tables to celebrate the up-sides of being single at Christmas, too. Namely, more presents and the freedom to do exactly as one chooses (without an explosive row over whose turn it is to take the bins out).

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At the same time, these cards also take aim at the subliminal messaging of Christmas, and how this often clashes with the reality of being single.

First in the queue on this mission are dating site and creators hub Together, they’ve launched a line of “Singles Greetings” cards (above and below) with the motto, “taking back the holidays this season”.


A quick scour of Etsy reveals that there are a whole slew of cards that humorously hit back at the Christmas couples stereotype in this vein. They’re empowering, funny and painfully honest.

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So, if you too are fed up of being spoon-fed sentimental festive messages around love and relationships, get set to reclaim your singledom this Christmas. We’ve picked out a few of our favourite alternative cards, below.

Sleighin’ it

Drawingablankcards on

Single all the way


TurtlesSoup on

Back to reality


SweetWhispersStudio on

Single bells


HellaFreshDesigns on

All the jingle ladies


PrintlesShop on

Santa on the pull


PapaLlama on

Christmas wish


printsmadewithlove on

Singles survival kit


LeTrango on

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