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Have you visited the world’s most popular city?

The Thai capital Bangkok has been named the world’s most popular travel destination in a global index poll by Mastercard. This pulsating city of contrasts saw off competition from 161 places around the world to nab the title for the second year running. With over  20 million intentional visitors pounding its streets in 2017, Bangkok soared […]

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“Meghan Markle’s baby news is great but women are more than just mothers”

With Meghan Markle’s pregnancy in the headlines, writer Anna Brech says it’s time to rethink the way we talk about women and motherhood Kensington Palace has announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting a child today: cue a slew of baby-related trivia for the next nine months and beyond. Interestingly, Harry will play […]

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Quiz: What’s your adventure personality?

Travel-lovers, look alive. With Flash Pack trips in over 45 countries, we have a different adventure for every type of wanderluster. Not sure where to go? Take our dandy quiz below to discover what kind of explorer you are at heart. Each answer comes with at least three trip suggestions to fuel your globe-trotting soul. […]

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5 daring desert adventures to book right now

Want to tap your explorer within and send your comfort zone spinning? Don’t miss these spectacular desert adventures, from dune-bashing in the Wahiba Sands to sunset camel rides across the Sahara. From an ancient realm comes horizons new – and we’re ready to jump right in… Sundowners in the Atacama Desert, Chile The Valle de […]

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6 alternative European city breaks to dive into this autumn

Fall is in the air, bringing with it the scent of change and horizons new. With the school crowds back at base and airline flash sales in full flow, autumn is a golden time for adventure. But when it comes to European city breaks, think beyond the obvious for the greatest treasures of all. Sidestep […]

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3 gripping books to take on your next adventure

The sweetest moment for any book-lover heading abroad is surely that moment when you load up your Kindle with a handful of fresh new reads at the airport. And hand-in-hand with that comes the inevitable let-down when you discover that said books don’t live up to the hype. Granted, it’s a first world problem but […]

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Try Croatia’s fjaka mindset for a happier work-life balance

Traditionally, back-to-school season means arming yourself with a “bouquet of newly sharpened pencils” (thanks Nora Ephron). But as well as charging yourself up for the challenges ahead, the turn of the season is also a great chance to reassess your work-life balance. Do you struggle to leave the office before 7pm every night? Are you […]

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walkable cities

Get lost in the world’s most walkable cities

There’s an undeniable romance about great city walks. There you are, on the brink of somewhere fresh and undiscovered, with the streets spreading out before you. Direction isn’t really important; you can just choose a neighbourhood and then wander around at your own pace. Perhaps you stop for a coffee in a leafy square along […]

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digital nomad travelling in Indonesia

14 secrets of a kick-ass digital nomad

Dream of becoming a digital nomad? It’s easy to romanticise the idea of working aboard. Say the words “location independent” and images of a hip coffee shop somewhere in downtown Buenos Aires spring to mind, or hazy days spent by a palapa hut on a remote Keralan beach. The reality, of course, is rather different. […]

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