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No more expectations: “Being single at 32 is one big adventure”

This article is part of a series called ‘Don’t Believe The Narrative’ – we’re rewriting the script for the over thirties; turning the spotlight on those who CHOOSE a different path; celebrating the adventurers and won’t settle-downers. Because this life stage doesn’t have to be all about babies, weddings and work promotions, just because the […]

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How to make new friends in one week, with seven solo challenges

When your mum utters the words, “Do you think you should maybe find some new friends?”, I think you can be forgiven for having somewhat of a confidence crisis! She had me ‘trapped’, cruising down the M6 in our beloved VW camper van and the rogue question seemed to have come from nowhere. After I […]

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Single in your 30s: The beauty of being selfish

I was listening to a podcast recently when the presenter used the phrase ‘positively selfish.’ It’s a phrase that seems to keep cropping up in my world, now becoming a mainstream term. I then began to ask myself if ‘positively selfish’ could be an empowering way of describing the advantages of being a single 30-something. […]

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Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Delicious brunch ideas from around the world

If you speak to any Aussie, American or Brit about brunch, I can guarantee that they’ll proudly profess this awesome tradition originated with them. I’ll leave it up to you to pass judgement but a lazy Sunday sitting in the sunshine with a belly full of avocado is certainly an unbeatable past-time. It was one […]

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thirties crisis

“I embraced my thirties crisis – here’s why you should, too”

Everyone has heard of the mid-life crisis … you know, when your dad goes a bit crazy and trades in his trusty Ford Focus for a Maserati (or a VW Camper Van named Scarlett in my dad’s case). There is, however, a newer phenomenon which is becoming more and more prevalent: step forward the lesser-known […]

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Even the happiest person in the world feels sad sometimes

Those of you who regularly pound the London pavements may well have come across “notes to strangers”; little quotes strategically placed on lampposts, post boxes and bins throughout the city. This is a project headed up by a local artist, designed to make people feel less alone in this oh-so-big and scary city. I have […]

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travelling vegetarian

Golden rules for a travelling vegetarian

Travelling the world as a vegetarian is a minefield ripe for misunderstanding. While some countries excel in veggie cuisine, others struggle with it. It’s all too easy to be placated with the phrase “Yes! yes! No meat!” – only to find your dish riddled with chunks of pork, beef or other miscellaneous morsels. Here, Flash […]

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vegetarian travel

Vegetarian travel: 5 must-try dishes from South-East Asia and Japan

To celebrate National Vegetarian Week, Flash Pack events director and seasoned globe-trotter Jenni Shaw chooses her favourite meat-free dishes from south-east Asia and Japan At Flash Pack HQ there is always much excitement when a new trip is launched. We huddle around our funky reclaimed boardroom table, tasty snacks at the ready, whilst the product […]

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Philippines Supper Club London

Food & Travel: A Match Made in Heaven

Here at Flash Pack we are passionate about travel. We love exploring the world and all that it offers, including the mind blowing cuisines on this diverse planet of ours. It’s pretty simple really, to travel is to EAT. With this is mind, we’d like to introduce you to our Flash Pack Supper Clubs. These are […]

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Get a mini taste of Flash Pack adventures

It was with some trepidation that I pressed the ‘book now’ button to confirm my place on my Flash Pack adventure to Vietnam and Cambodia. I had never done anything like it before and I had a few worries, mainly about the other people on the trip. Would we get on? Would I enjoy being […]

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