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“We should applaud divorce, not stigmatise it”

Divorce. The D-word. The reason McDonald’s shift so many Happy Meals on a Sunday. It’s admittedly never an easy topic to raise in some quarters, but the dynamics are shifting massively. Men are filing for divorce more than ever. In 2017, the rate of guys requesting marital splits jumped up by 8.5% compared with the […]

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Men are the most stressed at work – here’s why

Some bad news if you have an X and Y chromosome and get paid for a living: men aged between 25 and 34 and work in finance are the most stressed workers in the UK, according to the 2018 UK Workplace Stress Report. Surveying over 3,000 workers, the new research also revealed that the most […]

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Is it harder for a man to make friends while travelling?

It must be said: one of the more paradoxical effects of travelling the world alone is that the best experiences are very often shared ones, whether that’s with a tour group or simply like-minded adventurers you meet along the way. And although making new friends has always been at the heart of solo travel, it […]

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Men are “happier with their bromance” than their romance

Believe it or not, the answer to true happiness doesn’t involve a romantic relationship but actually the relationship with your best mate, according to a US study by social scientists at the Universities of Winchester and Bedfordshire. The study interviewed 30 heterosexual male sports science students. Each of the respondents had enjoyed at least one […]

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It’s official: adventure makes you smarter and sexier

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not only fictional adventurers who tend to be smart and handsome, cheekbones as razor-sharp as their wit. It turns out adventure can make us all more attractive and intelligent (as if the appeal of big trails, climbs, quad-biking and the rest of it were not life enhancing enough). “But how,” […]

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An expert guide on how to get fit for adventure travel

Whether you’re going to trek through thick Amazonian jungle, head out on a Vespa tour around Spain, snorkel a shipwreck in Bali or climb a glacier in Iceland, you want to start your adventure with the confidence that you will enjoy it – and that involves being strong enough to overcome any challenges that appear […]

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Meet the man who overcame drug addiction to row the Atlantic solo

From heroin addict to adrenaline junkie, Gavan Hennigan used adventure travel to turn his life around. If his story doesn’t inspire you to see the world, nothing will… When’s the last time you came across an individual who made you feel guilty for even so much as *thinking* of a lazy day slumped in front […]

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“I don’t cry, but plane movies make me bawl – every time”

Sobbing at an in-flight movie is one of the more stranger experiences of air travel, but we all do it. One writer reveals his own damning experiences and asks why… I’ve never been much of a sobber. Viral videos of US marines being jumped on by their pets? It barely raises a sniffle. Breakups? No […]

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Why don’t men like travelling alone?

While more and more women are travelling solo, it seems men are less and less inclined to take the plunge. We asked some men to find out why… Men: we’re letting the side down. According to a 2015 study in the US, 58.3 per cent of solo travellers were female. In September of this year, […]

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