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A jobbymoon? 3 great ways to improve work-life balance

Let’s face it. We live in a time of overworking, burnout and digital stress – and it’s not a good look. Work-life balance is taking a big hit. Whilst earning a living isn’t a bad thing, the cost of overworking can be. As Sharon Martin, a leading psychotherapist in America, points out: “You can’t perform at […]

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fitness adventures

4 ways to send your fitness soaring with adventure travel

Exercise is good for you. Surprising, I know, but it still feels like we all need to be told. In fact, one in four Brits avoid exercise at all costs, according to research from the British Lung Foundation. The reason? They feel it poses a danger to their health. True story. While it’s fair to […]

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Boost your wellbeing with this one, simple tip

Struggling for inspiration in your plans to get away from it all this summer? Craving an adventure, with some wellbeing TLC? The key to achieving this could be simpler than you think – and we’re not keeping it secret. At all. Look to the water – for the mere sight or sound of it triggers […]

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Laptop on holiday

Men, ditch the laptop and travel work-free

Guys, do you ever feel like you work too hard? I know, me too. Well, recent research could make listening to your gut a very good idea indeed. A new study shows that work stress can be more deadly in men than in women, depending on existing medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes or having […]

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