Experts in adventure travel and tours for 30 & 40 year old solo travellers. Here at Flash Pack, we’re obsessed with creating unique, mind-blowing experiences across the globe for thrill-seeking adults who want to explore extraordinary places – without compromising on comfort. We craft your group travel experiences by infusing our backpacker’s soul with the style of a jetsetter to help you get under the skin of your chosen destination. Whether you’re feasting on a traditional Kayan picnic against a jungle backdrop in Burma, trekking to the kaleidoscopic summit of Peru’s Rainbow Mountain or blazing out on a husky safari beneath the Northern Lights in Finland, we’ll make sure you enjoy the best that every destination has to offer.

Each of our tailor-made, dynamic itineraries are meticulously researched and purposefully unique to help shape an adventure that will make your friends (and followers) green with envy. We ensure you escape the over-subscribed tourist trails by offering authentic activities and spontaneous experiences with locals, whilst guaranteeing the best English-speaking native guides in the business. We’ll also hook you up with unique accommodation that shows off the best of the destination, whether it’s at the foot of snow-capped mountains, a luxury safari lodge or a hotel full of style and character.

About the founders

Flash Pack is the brainchild of two 30 something’s obsessed with travel, who were frustrated with the lack of appealing group travel tour companies. They realised that the needs of 30 plus adventure seekers were being ignored, and set out on an 
exciting journey to rehabilitate the outdated image of the group tour.

A bit about Lee and Radha:

Lee Thompson Selfie Christ Redeemer Statue Rio - FLASH PACK

Lee Thompson

A top globetrotting photojournalist who spent the past 14 years covering breaking stories around the world for some of the best known national and international newspapers and magazines, including the Tsunami in Japan, Egyptian Revolution, and Libyan Conflict. His assignments led him to experience a side to countries that tourists never get to see, which has inspired many of our off the beaten track itineraries. In 2014, he also took one of the world’s most viral selfies from the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, after persuading the local archdiocese to let him climb to the top.

Flash Pack co-founder Radha Vyas

Radha Vyas

Radha grew up with wanderlust in her veins, thanks to her 
parents packing her off to Kenya for two months at the age of seven unaccompanied by an adult! Since then Radha has spent years living and working her way around the globe. Radha is obsessed with getting under the skin of a place, living like a local and seeking out the best street food available.

Read more about why Radha set up Flash Pack

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