What's included

  • 4 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner, including a traditional three-course meal
    4 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner, including a traditional three-course meal
  • 4 nights based on sharing twin rooms in hand-picked hotels
    4 nights based on sharing twin rooms in hand-picked hotels
  • All activities included with Flash Pack Leader, from glacier treks to sea-kayaking and a private RIB cruise
    All activities included with Flash Pack Leader, from glacier treks to sea-kayaking and a private RIB cruise
  • Max 16 Flashpackers
    Max 16 Flashpackers
  • Private minibus transportation, airport pickup any time on Day 1, group airport drop off before noon on Day 5
    Private minibus transportation, airport pickup any time on Day 1, group airport drop off before noon on Day 5
  • Private minibus transportation, airport pickup any time on Day 1, group airport drop off before noon on Day 5
    Private minibus transportation, airport pickup any time on Day 1, group airport drop off before noon on Day 5

Navigate the crevasses and ice towers of the mighty Jostedalsbreen glacier using crampons and ropes. Spy out seals and porpoises as you kayak across the mirror-still waters of  Lustrafjorden. Zip around scenic fjords via private RIB boat, and feast on a three-course Norwegian dinner


Have your ice-pick handy for our pulse-racing getaway to the remote wilderness of Norway. The Land of the Fjords is a fabulous place to stretch your limits and smash your comfort zone. The concept of “friluftsliv” is central to the Norwegian way of life, and means having an intimate connection with the Great Outdoors. It’s one of the reasons why Norway is often ranked as one of the happiest nations on earth. Our high-octane adventure here gets right to the heart of “friluftsliv” in a vast panorama of epic beauty. Channel your inner mountaineer as we traverse the icy expanse of the Jostedalsbreen glacier, kitted out with crampons, ropes and ice-picks. Sea-kayak the divine blue waters of Lustrafjorden, and soak in an extraordinary alpine landscape. Feel the whip of the mountain air on your cheeks, as we zip across the fjords by private RIB boat, with forest-lined valleys and wide open skies all around. Our five-day escape here sees us hike to a goat’s cheese farm, feast on a glacier picnic and devour a traditional three-course meal; all while drinking in the most incredible horizons known to mankind. We’ll also soak in the creative vibes of colourful harbour-side city Bergen, and knock back a few craft beers in Voss, Norway’s adventure capital. Flashpackers, are you ready to stretch yourself in the surrounds of Norway’s natural splendour? Then, come fuel up on the power of the wild.

  • Navigate the epic Jostedalsbreen glacier, armed with crampons and ice picks
  • Sea kayak the tranquil waters of Lustrafjorden, in the heart of the Norwegian wilderness
  • Zip across a series of spectacular fjords by private RIB boat
  • Veer off the beaten track by hiking to a goat's cheese farm, high in the mountain valley
  • Feast on a rustic alpine lunch, a traditional three-course dinner and a glacier picnic
  • Drink in the delights of Bergen, Norway's buzzing harbour-side city
  • Meet like-minded travellers who share your passion for adventure
  • Challenge yourself with this epic 5-day adventure in a spectacular natural wonderland



Get to know your fellow Flashpackers in the hip and colourful city of Bergen, with its art galleries, restaurants and a thriving craft beer scene


Surrounded by mountains and fjords lies the charming city of Bergen, the starting point of your Norwegian adventure. On the shores of a North Sea inlet, this former capital looks fresh out of a storybook with its colourful wooden houses and picturesque harbour. After touching down in Bergen airport, we’ll whisk you into the heart of the city to your hotel. We recommend getting an early flight so that you have plenty of time to explore this awesome city. Here you can revel in its beautifully preserved history, mooch around the art galleries or tuck into freshly caught seafood along the Fisketorget harbour. Be sure to check out the UNESCO waterfront of Brygge or climb the nearby Fløyen mountain for views above the city and coastal islands. There’s also a buzzing bar culture here to enjoy, perfect for grabbing drinks and getting to know your fellow Flashpackers. Here’s to new adventures!

Please note that from 2019 all departures will be staying at Bergen Hors hotel instead of First Hotel Marin.


More +

Touch down in the colourful city of Bergen

Arrive early, so you have plenty of exploring time

Meet your fellow Flashpackers for drinks in this charming city

Enjoy the Bergen's bright lights before your al fresco adventure


Marvel at the epic scenery of Route 16, glide across the fjords by private RIB boat, hike to a goat’s cheese farm and feast on a three-course supper


Today we’re leaving the city behind and embracing all things outdoors. After an early start, get ready for one of the most scenic drives of your life as we head into the fjord-filled wilderness. We’ll drive along Route 16, stopping along the way to enjoy breathtaking viewpoints of the vast fjords with your cameras at the ready. One scenic stop will be the Tvindefossen waterfall where you can admire its cascading beauty and feel the refreshing spray of the plunging water. We’ll then drive onwards into the stunning Nærøydalen valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with all the views to prove it. Afterwards, we’ll head on to the small village of Gudvangen where we’ll be swapping four wheels for a RIB boat. Cruise across the open water to Skjerdal Wharf where we will hike for 1.5 hours, up and down the mountainous terrain, surrounded by fresh fjord views and waterfalls. Our destination is a quintessentially Norwegian experience, lunch at Leim mountain goat farm. Here you’ll learn the secrets of making authentic goats cheese, before tasting the different varieties and tucking into a lunch of local produce. Enjoy the beautiful hike back down to Skjerdal before continuing towards Marifjøra, passing the Stegastein viewpoint above the Aurlandsfjorden and endless views of mountains, valleys and lakes. We’ll also stop by the timber-clad beauty of the Borgund Stave Church, dating back to 1180 and one of the best preserved stave churches in Norway with its dragon heads and rusting carvings. Upon arrival in Marifjøra, you’ll find a tiny and quaint Norwegian village nestled within the stunning Lustrafjorden. Here a traditional three-course Norwegian dinner awaits, including a bonus secret taste of a Norwegian speciality…


Please note: for certain departures we will be staying in Førde instead of Marifjøra, however, the itinerary remains the same.

More +

Your RIB boat awaits

Cruise along the fjord in your private craft

This is the perfect way to travel around here

Head out into the fjord-filled wilderness

Relish mountain views along the way

Stop by the majestic Tvindefossen waterfall

Touch back on dry land and hike to Leim mountain goat farm

Drink in the panorama as you trek to your lunch destination

Arrive at the remote Norwegian goat farm

Try delicious homemade cheeses

Hike back down to Sognefjord after your hearty lunch

Then hit the road onwards to Marifjøra

Settle into your fresh setting of a quaint Norwegian village

It's tucked away within the Lustrafjorden valleys

Build up an appetite for a hearty three-course meal


Grab ice picks and crampons to navigate the jagged glacier terrain of Jostedalsbreen National Park, with a picnic lunch en-route


Today you’ll need to wrap up and put on your trusty walking boots, fresh for a day of hiking through the mountains and glaciers of Jostedalsbreen National Park. Over half of this park is covered by the mighty Jostedalsbreen glacier, the largest in mainland Europe that leaves the remaining landscape an exciting mix of bare mountains, lush vegetation and jagged glacier terrain. After a hearty breakfast, we’ll cruise across a glacial lake on a short boat ride into the heart of the valley. From here there will be a 15 minute hike to the glacier edge where it’s time to don your crampons and get roped up. With your ice axe firmly in hand, we’ll navigate across the ice for 2.5 hours of discovering deep blue crevasses and high ice towers. Embrace your inner Bear Grylls as you see if there are caves to discover and and ice tunnels to crawl through. You’ll need to be fairly sure-footed as it can get pretty steep at times but the natural steps in the ice will help pave the way. (Click here to read about fitness levels on Flash Pack adventures). Enroute we’ll stop for a picnic lunch looking out to views of the surrounding glacier and mountains. The rest of the afternoon will be spent hiking through the epic scenery of the national park, covering a total of 5km in the fresh fjord air. Or if it’s early in the season with high snowfall, we will do the Molden hike instead for awesome views across the fjord and mountains. Either way, this heart pumping day is perfect for getting back to nature in true Norwegian style.


Please note: For the departures staying in Førde, we will be hiking across the icy beauty of the Haugabreen Glacier instead.

More +

Hike across the Nigardsbreen Glacier

Catch a boat to the glacier edge

Tackle this vast icy wilderness

Have your ice picks and crampons at the ready

Leap over the crevasses

outdoor adventures

Take in epic snowscapes along the way

Your expert instructor will guide you along

Jostedalsbreen National Park is a feat of nature


Hike along the glacier meltwater streams

We'll stop somewhere scenic for a picnic lunch

Important notes

Fly into: Bergen Airport

Fly out of: Bergen Airport (we drop you back at the airport by midday at the latest, so please make sure you book your flight after this)

Please be aware that the itinerary, activities and hotels are subject to change. These changes can happen with little notice due to availability, poor weather, seasonal changes, or other circumstances beyond our control. From time to time we may also make changes to your itinerary to try out new ideas and keep things fresh.

We take safety very seriously on Flash Pack adventures, click here to learn more.

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