What's included

  • 2 x breakfasts, 1 x lunch, 2 x dinners, including a wilderness feast<br />
    2 x breakfasts, 1 x lunch, 2 x dinners, including a wilderness feast
  • <p>Fireside cocktails, wine and beer </p>

    Fireside cocktails, wine and beer

  • 2 x nights accommodation in a converted prison & tree-top tents
    2 x nights accommodation in a converted prison & tree-top tents
  • ALL ACTIVITIES, from paddleboarding to beer tasting, included. FLASH PACK GUIDE
    ALL ACTIVITIES, from paddleboarding to beer tasting, included. FLASH PACK GUIDE
  • Max 14
    Max 14
  • Canoe, paddleboard and fat bike rental, plus AIRPORT PICKUP ANY TIME ON DAY 1<br />
    Canoe, paddleboard and fat bike rental, plus AIRPORT PICKUP ANY TIME ON DAY 1

Grab a taste of Finland’s booming craft beer scene with tastings and dinner at a Helsinki brewery. Bed down in a 19th century prison turned boutique hotel, before travelling to Nuuksio National Park. Paddleboard, wild swim and canoe on the lakes and unwind in a woodland sauna. Learn the art of wild cooking from a wilderness chef and tuck into a lavish campfire feast, with award-winning Finnish Gin & Tonics. Sleep beneath the stars in unique tree-top tents and then return to Helsinki to wallow in one of the capital’s best thermal baths


Fancy a break from the hustle of life? You need a slice of summertime Finland. Our weekend escape to this lesser-known Scandi hot spot is brimming with untapped thrills, experiential food and astounding natural beauty. We start in the capital, Helsinki, with a stay in a 19th Century prison. We’ll upgrade to superior rooms, where original detail and boutique accents showcase the Finnish flair for design. Suitably wowed, we’ll hop over to an artisan brewery near the handsome waterfront, to savour the capital’s booming craft beer scene. Then, it’s onwards and upwards for a getaway to the Nuuksio National Park, and a vast expanse of untouched greenery. Here, we’ll canoe and paddleboard our way around serene tree-lined lakes, and wallow in a woodland sauna. Northern Hemisphere summers mean the light lasts forever (well, until 11pm) and we’ll embrace this fact with a sumptuous al fresco feast. Drink in the delights of wild cooking under the tutelage of a dedicated wilderness chef, and toast your fellow Flashpackers amid the wisp and crackle of the campfire. A host of top-notch Finnish gin and tonics will make the whole experience dazzle that little bit brighter. Come darkness, the night becomes yet more epic, as we bed down in Tentsile; a pioneering eco-camping concept where tents balance delicately between the trees. Nod off between the leaves, beneath a blanket of stars, and wake up to a chorus of birdsong. The next day, we sign off in grand Finnish tradition at one of Helsinki’s most famous thermal baths. Drink in sublime harbour views as you unwind in a steam-filled pool, and toast to the brilliance of Finland…


The Flash Pack promise

Here at Flash Pack, we’re committed to unique adventures that deliver great value for money. We pack our trips with epic experiences (unlike other companies, all activities are included), hand-pick stylish hotels and match you with like-minded people.

  • Master the art of camp-side cooking from a wilderness chef, and feast on an al fresco banquet
  • Party the light summer night away with a forest bar of top-quality Finnish booze
  • Sleep in unique, tree-top tents suspended between the woodland canopy
  • Learn to canoe and paddleboard on the serene Lake Haukkalampi in Nuuksio National Park
  • Stay in a renovated 19th Century prison, with original features and boutique detail
  • Sample Finland’s booming craft beer scene, with drinks and dinner at an artisan brewery
  • Wallow in a lakeside sauna and bathe in one of the capital’s leading public pools
  • Go wild swimming in picturesque lakes, and hike through woodland trails



Take a private transfer from Helsinki to your hotel for the night: a converted 19th Century prison, complete with barred windows and boutique furnishings. Wander along Helsinki’s waterfront to an artisan brewery and try some pioneering Finnish craft brews, along with a local welcome dinner


Flashpackers, welcome to the Finnish capital! No matter what time you arrive, a private transfer will be there to meet you, and you’ll be whisked from the airport direct to your hotel. An unsung jewel in Scandinavia’s crown, harbourside Helsinki has been overlooked in the past by its famous neighbours (Copenhagen and Stockholm, we’re looking at you). Still slightly off-radar, this handsome city is a delight to discover, with a burgeoning food scene and sleek design credentials. Our home for the night is a 19th Century prison, complete with barred windows and original stairwells. The red-bricked Hotel Katajanokka might seem austere from the outside, but its interior is glowing testimony to the Finnish eye for design. We’ll be upgraded to superior rooms, where large beds, luxurious toiletries and boutique detail offset the jailhouse aesthetic. In the early evening, we’ll meet up with the guide and the rest of the group for a mosey around Helsinki’s chilled-out waterfront. With its tree-lined avenues, yachts and bright neo-classical buildings, this is a chance to soak up the capital’s slick yet creative vibe. A short stroll takes us to Bryggeri Helsinki, an artisan brewery in the old town centre. Finland is fast making a name for its pioneering craft brews, and you’re here to taste why (all in the name of research, you understand). Knock back handcrafted pils, ales and wheat beer made in old-school copper kettles, and see the brewmaster work his magic in an unhurried ode to all things beer. Suitably refreshed, we’ll then tuck into a hearty meal at the brewery’s restaurant. The food here captures typical Finnish flair: think meticulously-crafted seasonal dishes teamed with daring flavour combinations. Raise a “Kippis!” to your fellow Flashpackers and warm up for the adventure ahead.

More +

Spend the night in a 19th Century prison

Boutique rooms come with a jailhouse edge

Soak in the charms of harbourside Helsinki

friendly towns

Mooch along the colourful waterfront

Rock up to an artisan brewery

Toast your new adventure with local craft beers

Knock back handcrafted pils, ales and wheat beer

The beer is made in old-school copper kettles

Revel in your gorgeous new city


Travel to Nuuksio National Park and spend the morning paddleboarding on Lake Haukkalampi. Stop for a traditional Finnish lunch and then go for walk before relaxing in the lakeside sauna. Learn the art of outdoor cooking from a wilderness chef, and feast on an al fresco banquet. Knock back Finnish gin and tonics round the campfire before sleeping in tree-top tents


Howdy, Flashpackers! Come fuel up on a big breakfast before your getaway to the Great Outdoors. Nuuksio National Park is only 45 minutes away from Helsinki by car, but you may as well be on a different planet. A vast mosaic of wilderness, it meanders across lakes, hilltops and sweeping green valleys. Thick swathes of forestland are cut through with nature trails, craggy rocks and moss-covered peaks. Finns come here for picnics and campouts, and it’s a gorgeous place to retreat from the demands of modern life. We’ll start with a spot of paddle boarding on Lake Haukkalampi, framed by a wreath of cedars and pines. Paddle around on the mirror-like water and wind down to the wild, with the wide-open skies all around. Snap your abs into action and put your balancing skills to the test, as you try out this uber-fun sport, for those who have no balance we do have some canoes which we can use too. All that action makes for a monster appetite, so as lunchtime calls, so too does a traditional Finnish lunch. Girdle your stomachs for our woodland spread, amid the birdsong and birch trees of summer in bloom.


Next up, is a gentle hike through the national park then it’s time to get to know our unique wilderness abode. Tentsile, our accommodation for the night, is a pioneering project that features eco-friendly tents that hang delicately between the trees for minimal land impact. Get a feel for the place by taking a long, leisurely wallow in the nearby sauna, before cooling down with a dip in the lake. It doesn’t get dark until around 11pm in the Northern Hemisphere at summertime, and the night is ripe for adventure. We’ll celebrate in style with a lavish al fresco feast hosted by a wilderness chef, who’s been shipped in specially for the occasion. Learn how to savour the delights of wild dining over generous helpings of fine Finnish booze around the campfire. Drinks include Napue Gin with lingonberry garnish, and Original Long Drink – a beloved Finnish tipple that blends gin with grapefruit soda. Wine and local beer are also up for grabs. Fancy yourself a bit of a master chef? You’re welcome to participate in the campfire cook-off with our wilderness chef, should you please – or you can simply watch from afar over a tipple or three. With the crackle and pop of the wood fire, and wisps of smoke in the air, this is a wild and ancient tradition that’s all about the joy of being alive. So, dig in and savour every minute. As darkness finally arrives, retreat to your two-man tents in the trees, in the thick of the forest canopy. Don’t worry about bedding, either – we take care of the details for you.

More +

Tuck into a campfire feast cooked by a wilderness chef

Knock back a fireside drink or three

Gather around the campfire

Bed down in tents that swing between the canopy (Photo: Dan Kennedy)

Sleep beneath the stars, amid the rustles and chirrups of the woodland

Paddleboard across Lake Haukkalampi

Glide around the lake with your fellow Flash Pack crew

Wind down to nature while grabbing a super-fun workout

Jump in canoes and flex your paddling skills

This is a great way to soak in the scenery

Take a moment to reflect on the awesome beauty of Nuuksio National Park

Work up a steam in the lakeside sauna

Daylight here lasts until 11pm

Snuggle in for a unique camping experience


Drink up a few hours of free time in the wilderness, with wild swimming, canoeing or cycling on fat bikes. After a wilderness breakfast, return to Helsinki for a bathe in one of the city’s leading al fresco spas. Take a train back to the airport or spend a few more days in the charming capital


Wake up to the sound of birdsong, with the rustle and chirrup of wildlife all around. After breakfast at Lake Haukkalampi, we’ll have a bit of free time to savour these last few hours in the wilderness. You might want to hit the nature trails with a few of your fellow Flashpackers, or you could hone the canoeing or paddleboard skills you picked up in yesterday’s session. For anyone who feels like a cycle, there are a few fat bikes available for a super-easy and buoyant ride over the rough woodland terrain. Or, why not take another swim in the lake? With the scent of woodland on the air, and the water stretching on the horizon, wild swimming never felt so right. Later in the morning, we’ll head back into the city. Our final stop is a spectacular one; Allas Sea Pool, one of Helsinki’s leading public baths. Drink in the beauty of the city’s contrasting skyline from your vantage point in the cavernous pools that overlook the harbour. Temperatures here range from a balmy 28°C to the chilly nip of water that is pumped directly in from the Baltic Sea. There are also three saunas to toast away in and a few swimming pools. Freshen up with a shower after your night in the trees and make the most of a quintessential Finnish tradition. All good things come to an end, however, and once we’re done, it’s time to bade farewell on our whistle-stop Finnish escape. It’s been a ball! If you’re heading home, the airport is easily accessed by a 30-minute train ride from Helsinki city centre. If you’re continuing your trip here, the streets of the capital are well worth a further mooch around. Pop by Old Market Hall for a labyrinth of food stalls, or get familiar with the city’s brilliant clutch of avant-garde art galleries and independent boutiques. Whatever you do next, let the force of Finland stay strong within you. You’ve experienced some of the world’s most unusual sleepover spots, from a 19th Century prison to tents strung up in the trees. You’ve drunk in the delights of fine Finnish craft beer, and tried top-notch gin served with a side order of peaty wood smoke. You’ve sampled the magic of campfire cooking, and seen a wilderness chef at play. You’ve dialled back to nature with wild swimming, canoeing and lake-side saunas. And you’ve embraced city life with waterfront walks and harbour-view pools. Flashpackers, do you love Finland? Because Finland sure loves you.

More +
  • Meals Breakfast

Grab refreshing dip in Lake Haukkalampi

Wake up to a cacophony of birdsong after a night in the trees

Make the most of your lakeside location this morning

Hike along the nearby nature trails

Then, head back to Helsinki and bathe in Allas Sea Pool

Relax in the spacious pools overlooking the harbour

End your adventure with a reviving al fresco soak

From camping in the trees...

... to wilderness feasts

Paddleboarding the lakes

And knocking back craft beer

It's been one epic getaway

Important notes

Fly into and out of: Helsinki Airport (HEL)

It is best to arrive before 5pm on day 1 and we recommend booking flights from 5pm onwards on day 3.

All you need to bring for this wild weekend is the clothes you will wear and a head torch.

Please be aware that the itinerary, activities and hotels are subject to change. These changes can happen with little notice due to availability, poor weather, seasonal changes, or other circumstances beyond our control. From time to time we may also make changes to your itinerary to try out new ideas and keep things fresh.

On day 2 of this adventure we are camping in the national park which is absolutely stunning but it does mean the toilet facilities are very basic and there are no showers. There will be a chance to shower on day 3 at Allas Sea Pool or you can go for a wild swim in the lakes.

We take safety very seriously on Flash Pack adventures, click here to learn more.

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