What's included

  • 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners, including lunch in a Sami tipi and a wilderness feast
    3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners, including lunch in a Sami tipi and a wilderness feast
  • 3 nights hotel based on sharing twin-rooms, and an optional night in a boutique igloo
    3 nights hotel based on sharing twin-rooms, and an optional night in a boutique igloo
  • From ice rally racing to snowmobile safaris, all activities included with Flash Pack Leader
    From ice rally racing to snowmobile safaris, all activities included with Flash Pack Leader
  • Max 14
    Max 14
  • Private minibus, rally cars, snowshoes, snowmobiles (driving license required) and airport transfers
    Private minibus, rally cars, snowshoes, snowmobiles (driving license required) and airport transfers

Race across the icy wilderness in rally cars, drifting around corners and accelerating on the straights. Go off the beaten path on a night-time snowshoe hike beneath the Northern Lights. Blaze through the snow-scape on a snowmobile safari, and learn Arctic survival skills along the way. Meet a local Sami family, and their reindeer herd, over lunch and optionally stay the night in a stunning igloo, hot tubs and all.


For an arctic getaway that puts you firmly in the driving seat of epic adventure, look no further than this turbo-charged weekend. In a remote Swedish town where auto-manufacturers secretly test-drive new cars, join us as we jump into rally cars and accelerate across the snowy horizon. This is your chance to put your pedal to the metal and get your pulse racing, with the stage set to a breathtaking backdrop of snow-draped forest and vast wilderness. We’ll also be cruising across the white tundra on a snowmobile safari, stopping to fine-tune your arctic survival skills and rustle up an alfresco feast over the open fire you helped build. Get set to immerse yourself in the lives of local reindeer herders, to enjoy fire-lit lunches in traditional tipis and to relax in steamy Swedish saunas. Then, as the few hours of daylight fade into the night, lift your eyes skywards in search of the Northern Lights. Armed with snowshoes, torches and a sense of adventure, head out into the night on a twilight expedition in one of the world’s best places to witness this bucket-list spectacle. The most relaxing place to admire the dancing skies is certainly from the hot tub of a boutique igloo, of course. So, after knocking back hot glögg in a lively ice bar, you can choose to sleep here for some once-in-a-lifetime shuteye in an igloo. It’s the stuff of dreams, literally.


The Flash Pack promise

Here at Flash Pack, we’re committed to unique adventures that deliver great value for money. We pack our trips with epic experiences (unlike other companies, all activities are included), hand-pick stylish hotels and match you with like-minded people.

  • Rally drive around an exhilarating ice race course
  • Hike beneath the Northern Lights on an evening snowshoe adventure
  • Enjoy a fire-side lunch with a local Sami family in a Sami kåta
  • Drink hot glögg in the ice bar of an igloo hotel, with the option to sleep here
  • Cruise into the snowy wilderness on a snowmobile safari
  • Sharpen your survival skills and make a wilderness lunch in the middle of nowhere
  • Tick the Northern Lights off your bucket list in one of the best places to admire their dazzling displays
  • Feel your cares melt away in traditional Swedish saunas



Touch down in Arjeplog, a stunning corner of Swedish Lapland far from any tourists. Tuck into a welcome dinner at your lakeside hotel, and get to know your fellow Flashpackers. Hit the ice bar of a boutique igloo, where you can admire the Northern Lights from a hot tub and spend the night in an igloo.  


As the snow-draped horizons come into view, touch down in Swedish Lapland and get ready for an epic arctic adventure. There’s a transfer ready and waiting at Arvidsjaur airport to whisk you into the heart of this winter wilderness, where your destination lies in the quaint town of Arjeplog. Here you can check into the cosy lights of your hotel and meet your Pack Leader who’ll provide you with your warm winter gear. There’s a welcome drink with your name on it, perfect for glugging back and getting to know your fellow Flashpackers. A delicious dinner of local cuisine then awaits you, where you can tuck in and fuel up before heading out into the night. Strap on your snowshoes and grab your torches, we’re going on an evening hike in search of the Northern Lights. The wide open skies and lack of light pollution makes it the perfect spot to witness the blazing lights dance across the sky, so keep your eyes fixed skyward as you crunch across the snow. The icy fun continues afterwards with a Glögg-fuelled tour of Iglootel, an amazing igloo complete with a sauna, hot tub and lively ice bar. If the thought of a night in an igloo is too good to refuse, you can book a night in Iglootel in one of the cosy sleeping igloos (with access to your Kraja hotel room still). It’s entirely optional and could be on any night of the adventure, but it’s not everyday you can kick back in a hot tub beneath the Northern Lights…


Please note: Each yearIglootel is reconstructed with an exciting new theme and re-opens in Mid-January. If you’re travelling prior to 11 January 2019, you will instead be treated to an exclusive behind the scenes tour of IGLOOTEL, where you can see the ice carving at work and sculpt your own masterpiece. This also means the optional overnight here is not available prior to 11 January 2019.

More +

Strap on your snowshoes for a hike under the Northern Lights

Touch down in the heart of Swedish Lapland

Tuck into mouth-watering dishes at a lakeside restaurant

Try fresh local delicacies

Almost too pretty to eat

Then head out into the night on a snowshoe hike

Fingers crossed for a clear night

Watch the skies light up on a twilight hike

Hit the ice bar at Iglootel

Glug some hot Glögg

Fancy a night in an igloo?

The hot tubs here look up to the Northern Lights 📸 Katharina Krüger

Sit back and relax 📸 Katharina Krüger

Warm up in the hot tub if you're staying in the igloo 📸 Katharina Krüger


Get to know what life is like for a traditional Sami family at a reindeer farm, where lunch is served around the fire in a Sami kåta. Strap yourself in for an adrenalin-pumping rally drive across an awesome ice race course.


After a hearty breakfast, this morning we’re immersing ourselves in the lives of locals with a visit to Båtsuoj Sami Centre. Here you’ll be welcomed by a modern Sami family where you can embrace life as a Sami reindeer herder. Head out into the crisp arctic air to meet and feed the resident reindeer herd, before being shown around the traditional Sami buildings that have stood for generations. We’ll gather around the roaring fire in a Sami kåta, enjoying your morning coffee to the tales of Sami history, culture and what it means to be a modern day reindeer herder. Lunch is then cooked before you over the fire, including local reindeer meat for an authentic taste of Sami life. Next up, we’re heading to Lippi where it’s time to ramp up the pace of your adventure and channel your inner rally dirver. Get your adrenalin pumping as we jump into rally cars and rev full throttle across a frozen lake. With the studded tyres strengthening your grip on the slippery surface, practice drifting around the corners and accelerating on the straights for an exhilarating ride. Put your foot down as you race past your vast snowy surroundings in a blur of white beauty, ice spraying behind you and engine charging full pelt forwards. Then, after blazing your way across the snow, we’ll head back to Kraja for a well-deserved dinner.

More +

Spin across the ice in rally cars

Huddle around the fire in a Sami kåta

Lunch is cooked before you on the fire

Meet the local reindeer residents

Feed them their lunch

Get behind the wheel of a rally car

Strap yourself in for a thrilling ride

Enjoy a spectacular show if the skies are clear


Cruise through the spectacular winter scenery on a snowmobile safari, stopping in the middle of nowhere to learn arctic survival skills and make an alfresco lunch over an open fire you helped build. Return to civilization for a delicious farewell dinner and your final chance to see the Northern Lights.


Rise and shine in this winter wonderland, ready to become a part of the landscape on a fleet of snowmobiles. After breakfast, we’ll gear up and head outside for some thrill-seeking winter adventure. Slice across the spectacular scenery of Arjeplog with a powerful snowmobile under your control, cruising deep into the snowy forest and across the wide open plains. In the heart of this wilderness, we’ll cut out the engines to experience pure silence like never before. Get your lungs pumping with the fresh arctic air and enjoy the peace and quiet, before revving up the engines once more and blazing into the horizon. Slap bang in the middle of nowhere, we’ll stop for lunch – Lapland-style. You’ll help build an open fire, and your guide will teach you the basic survival skills needed for living in these arctic extremes. After an alfresco lunch cooked over the fire, we’ll return to civilisation where the rest of the afternoon is yours at leisure. Come evening, we’ll gather around for a 3 course farewell dinner and raise a glass to the end of your Swedish adventure. Before you reach for the tissues, there’s still an entire evening of Swedish escapism to enjoy. We suggest a relaxing session in the sauna or bracing the outdoors in search of the Northern Lights – the packing can wait.

More +

Fire up the snowmobiles

Explore the stunning arctic playground

Cruise off the beaten path

Zoom along on a convoy of Flashpackers 📸 Katharina Krüger

This is the coolest way to travel here

Gear up for a thrilling ride

Stop for an alfresco lunch along the way

Cook lunch over the fire and brush up on your arctic survival skills

Return to civilisation for a lavish farewell dinner

Tuck into three delicious courses

End your adventure on a sweet note

Head outside for a final glimpse of the Northern Lights

Important notes

Fly into and out of: Arvidsjaur Airport

You need to have a driving license from your home country in order to drive a snowmobile and rally car.

Please be aware that the itinerary, activities and hotels are subject to change. These changes can happen with little notice due to availability, poor weather, seasonal changes, or other circumstances beyond our control. From time to time we may also make changes to your itinerary to try out new ideas and keep things fresh.

We take safety very seriously on Flash Pack adventures, click here to learn more.

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Fri 4 Jan 2019 3 Nights
Mon 7 Jan 2019

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Fri 18 Jan 2019 3 Nights
Mon 21 Jan 2019
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Fri 1 Feb 2019 3 Nights
Mon 4 Feb 2019

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Fri 15 Feb 2019 3 Nights
Mon 18 Feb 2019

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Fri 1 Mar 2019 3 Nights
Mon 4 Mar 2019

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Fri 8 Mar 2019 3 Nights
Mon 11 Mar 2019

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Fri 15 Mar 2019 3 Nights
Mon 18 Mar 2019

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Fri 29 Mar 2019 3 Nights
Mon 1 Apr 2019

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