As you may well know, adventures always carry an element of danger. Our Flash Pack trips are not package holidays, they are immersive experiences that go off the beaten path and push you beyond your comfort zone. That’s what makes them awesome, and that’s why we take Flash Pack safety so seriously.

Different countries have their own infrastructures, laws, regulations, transport systems, cultures, political situations, climates and ecosystems so the nature of an adventure means it carries genuine risks. With this is mind, we are dedicated to ensuring all reasonable precautions are made to provide trips that are safe.

We closely monitor all the countries we travel to, keeping in regular contact with our operators and suppliers for their local knowledge and expertise. If a serious situation does occur in one of our Flash Pack destinations, we would either alter the itinerary or cancel the trip altogether. In the event of cancellation, a full refund of the cost of the trip would be provided.

If you have any concerns about travelling to a particular country, most governments provide their own travel advice. Here are some useful links regarding foreign travel:

UK citizens:

US citizens:

Canadian citizens:

Australian citizens:

New Zealand citizens:

For further insight into our safety policies, have a read of our Flash Pack Safety Guidelines