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Written by Radha Vyas

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The Flash Pack have carried out a survey to find out how much the average flashpacker spends on kit. Forget the idea of cash-strapped students travelling the world on £5 a day – the average backpacker-or ‘flashpacker’ – now carries more than £3,000 worth of kit.

Topping the list of travel essentials for the glamorous backpackers is an iPhone at £400, followed by a £450 IPad and top of the range £100 headphones so they can listen to music on the go.

The globetrotters will also spend £1,000 on designer threads for their trip, over £100 on designer sunglasses, with the favourite being Ray Bans, and £200 on make up, perfume and sun creams.

Many won’t leave home without their £170 GHD hair straighteners, packed into a £180 pull along Osprey backpack so no sore shoulders for the flash set.

Our findings made today’s Daily Telegraph, Metro and Sun newspaper as well as being discussed on BBC Radio 4 and five live.

Daily Telegraph:

The Flash Pack


The Flash Pack

The Sun:

The Flash Pack

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