Why Costa Rica and Nicaragua is the ultimate romantic adventure holiday.

Written by Radha Vyas

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It’s time to ditch the traditional beach holiday and head off on an adventurous couples holiday…

Forget two weeks in the Maldives, these days lovers are being more adventurous when choosing their holiday destinations, with countries such as Costa Rica and Nicaragua increasingly becoming the go-to adventure holiday for couples and honeymooners alike. 

Costa Rica has long been the poster child of ecology and conservation, but Nicaragua is fast becoming known for it’s biodiversity and dense rainforest. Where Costa Rica has been modernised and transformed for tourists, Nicaragua remains wonderfully undeveloped with a rustic charm that keeps people coming back for more. Travelling from Costa Rica into Nicaragua you might be forgiven for thinking you had stepped back in time, to a place untouched by human intervention.

Why Costa Rica and Nicaragua is the ultimate romantic adventure holiday Costa Rica

For those of you more interested in a fast-paced holiday, but with all the luxury and style one would expect from a week in the Seychelles, Costa Rica and Nicaragua are just the ticket. Whether your a wildlife buff or a beach babe, these two Central American countries have it all; colourful wildlife, active volcanoes, white sandy beaches, luxurious lodges… and the list goes on. 

If you’re worried you will lack the romance of the traditional couples holiday then think again, Costa Rica and Nicaragua are as romantic as they come; think scarlet sunsets, natural thermal pools, and secluded beaches. The only difference is you’ll spend your days battling raging torrents through white water rapids, climbing to the crater of active volcanoes, or scuba diving in the warm, rich waters of the Caribbean Sea.

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What are Costa Rica and Nicaragua all about?

Why Costa Rica and Nicaragua is the ultimate romantic adventure holiday white water rafting

Getting back to nature and getting your heart pumping.

Wake up to the sound of the forest, sipping the finest Costa Rican coffee on your hotel room terrace while birds of all shapes, sizes, and colours drop in to say hola. Find yourself zip wiring through dense jungle, whizzing past various wild and exotic animals along the way, before conquering giant lakes by kayak or canoe.

If you are after something a little more chilled out then take note from the local sloths as you meander through the sky treks, exploring the vibrant canopies of the cloud forest. 

There is no limit to the amount of activities you can pack into an adventure holiday to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. It just depends on how jam-packed or sloth slow you want to take it.

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The Wildlife

Why Costa Rica and Nicaragua is the ultimate romantic adventure holiday wildlife nature

Wherever you find yourself on your Costa Rica and Nicaragua adventure, you will never be far away from wildlife. Whilst wandering through the rich jungle you will come across brightly coloured birds such as toucans, mischievous capuchins, and the slow and steady sloth. On the beaches and surrounding islands you will be treated to undisturbed beaches, wild turtles and passing dolphins.

The best place to spot wildlife is Parque Nacional Tortuguero where you can take a boat tour along the many canals that work their way through the rainforest. Don’t be surprised to see many of Costa Rica’s unique wildlife right next to your hotel window!

The Volcanoes

Why Costa Rica and Nicaragua is the ultimate romantic adventure holiday volcano arenal

Costa Rica is home to some of the most active volcanoes in the world, while Nicaragua is known as “the land of lakes and volcanoes”, so there’s no guessing what will dominate the vistas. 

Arenal volcano is the most widely loved volcano due to its perfectly conical shape, lush surrounding vegetation and nearby hot springs.Optional activities in the surrounding area include hot springs resorts, spa treatments, horseback tours or hikes to La Fortuna Waterfall, a floating safari, canyoning, lake kayaking, hikes in the Hanging Bridges, Sky Trek or Tram canopy tours, and hikes in the Arenal Volcano National Park.

A visit to this volcano isn’t complete without a stay in Arenal Nayara, one of The Flash Pack’s favourite hotels. On the outskirts of Arenal volcano, this boutique hotel is an oasis of calm where romance thrives. Guests can enjoy panoramic views of the volcano from their private jacuzzi, or whilst enjoying a meal at the hotel’s wine and tapas bar. Surrounded by lush rainforest ripe for exploring, this is a hotel worthy of any bucket list.

The Cities

Why Costa Rica and Nicaragua is the ultimate romantic adventure holiday nicaragua

A visit to Grenada will give you an insight into the history of Nicaragua as you discover colonial architecture, indigenous statues and archaeological treasures. Situated next to Lake Nicaragua, Granada also offers the perfect launchpad for various activities such as kayaking and trekking Mombacho volcano.

If you’re after something a little different then head to the city of León where you will find crumbling colonial architecture that resembles something from a movie set. This city is filled to the brim with art, cafes and nightlife so if you’ve had enough of dramatic landscapes and encroaching wildlife it is well worth a visit. Waste away the days going from gallery to museum to church to cafe to gallery again before heading out for a night on the town to one of the many cosmopolitan bars and clubs – all within walking distance from anywhere in the city!

The Beaches

Why Costa Rica and Nicaragua is the ultimate romantic adventure holiday little corn

No adventure honeymoon is complete without a visit to the beach and while many may think that Costa Rica and Nicaragua are all about fast-paced, high octane adventure, nobody does beaches like these Central American countries.

Spend your last few days relaxing on the beautiful islands of Little Corn or Pearl Keys, surrounded by crystal clear Caribbean Sea where you’ll find numerous breeds of turtle, hammerhead sharks and exotic fish. Whether you spend your time here surfing the waves, diving in the depths, or simply soaking up the sun, you are sure to find your own version of paradise.

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The Flash Pack’s Top Picks of where to stay.

Luxury beach shacks, chic ecolodges, boutique villas and secluded spas; there is no shortage of awe-inspiring accommodation hidden in amongst the natural beauty of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The Flash Pack team have conferred and we have made a decision. It was tough, but here is what we consider to be the crème de la crème of Costa Rican and Nicaraguan accommodation…

Finca Rosa Blanca

Why Costa Rica and Nicaragua is the ultimate romantic adventure holiday finca-rosa-blanca-coffee









This is a coffee lover’s boutique dream. Hidden within a working coffee farm plantation you can enjoy stunning views of the Central Valley Highlands of Costa Rica whilst sipping your freshly picked coffee.

Pacuare Lodge

Why Costa Rica and Nicaragua is the ultimate romantic adventure holiday Pacuare Half the adventure of this stunning lodge is the journey to and from the hotel as you’ll come and go via the beautiful Pacuare River whilst white water rafting grade three rapids! This it the ultimate jungle bolthole.

Mukul Resort

Why Costa Rica and Nicaragua is the ultimate romantic adventure holiday mukul resort spa central pacific region nicaragua central americaThey say a picture speaks a thousand words. This hotel is situated on the Emerald Coast in Nicaragua and no words can describe the beauty of this resort and its surroundings. This place was built to pamper, and pampered you shall feel.

Rio Perdido

Why Costa Rica and Nicaragua is the ultimate romantic adventure holiday rio perdido







Surrounded by lush rainforest, thermal springs and impressive waterfalls, you will never be left wondering what to spend your days doing in this secret escape. Perfectly situated near the Costa Rica-Nicaragua border, travel from country to country in style.

Jicaro Island Ecolodge

Why Costa Rica and Nicaragua is the ultimate romantic adventure holiday Jicaro_Island_Ecolodge

This seriously secluded island getaway oozes luxury with each guest being treated to their very own private little two story house with a terrace overlooking the magnificent Lake Nicaragua. Enjoy sitting on your terrace and watching the wonderful array of wildlife passing by.


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