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Written by Jenni Shaw

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It was with some trepidation that I pressed the ‘book now’ button to confirm my place on my Flash Pack adventure to Vietnam and Cambodia. I had never done anything like it before and I had a few worries, mainly about the other people on the trip. Would we get on? Would I enjoy being part of a group for 2 weeks? Would they like me? Would we have anything in common?

UPDATE. I am pleased to say that the answer to all of these questions was a resounding yes and, from the second I met my fellow Flashpackers, I knew we were going to have an awesome time.

As a 30 year old professional, it was quite a while since I had been plunged into a group situation and this was definitely something that played on my mind in the run up to my trip. I almost wished there was a way of doing a ‘test run’ to see if I liked the group dynamic and to put my mind at rest before heading half way across the world…

…Cue our Flash Pack Mini Experiences!

**Long story short, I went to Vietnam and Cambodia, had the best time, fell in love with Flash Pack, came home and was lucky enough to secure my dream job working for such an awesome company!**

My first mission on starting here was to expand the Flashpacker community and offer people the chance to experience the Flash Pack group vibe before they jet off. We know that Flashpackers are AWESOME 30 & 40 something’s and we also know that once we have everyone together on an adventure, genuine friendships are formed.

We do, however, understand that it can seem somewhat scary to embark upon such an adventure alone. This is why our Mini Experiences offer you the chance to dip a toe into the pool of solo adventuring before committing to a full adventure!

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Our experiences seek to emulate the group dynamic of a Flash Pack trip: they’re aimed at likeminded solos in their 30’s and 40’s, fuelled by good food and drink, with a fun and unique activity for you to enjoy alongside fellow travel lovers. From Kayaking to a Brewery, a relaxing Yoga Brunch, to our tasty selection of Flash Pack Supper Clubs, think of them as the prequel to your adventure.

If you are considering coming away on a Flash Pack adventure but aren’t quite ready to soar off into the skies – come and join us a Mini Experience, you’ll be on the plane before you know it!