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Men are happiest when they travel like this

Written by Anna Brech

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Choosing the right holiday to go on can be a tough proposition.

We want to milk every last minute of pleasure from our precious time off, while also striking that fine balance between hedonism and revival.

We want a belly-laugh, beer-swilling escapade that doesn’t leave us tired, hungover or broke (or worse, all three).

Like Queen in the 1980s, we want it all.

New research out this month has cast light on how men, in particular, can juggle this perennial dilemma.

Blokes are significantly happier when they’re travelling alone, according to the latest Travel Yourself Better report commissioned by Australian hotel site Wotif.

Data collected by the company found that satisfaction is highest among men when they’re flying solo on holiday, with single travellers ranking a happiness scoring of 7.6 out of 10 – compared to the overall average rating of 6.7 out of 10.

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Adventurer Levison Wood: a man who knows how to travel (image credit: Levison.Wood/Instagram)


Researchers also found that solo travel re-charged men’s energy levels by 11% more than when they’d travelled in big groups of mates, including stag dos.

Moreover, the larger the group the men had travelled in, the more their post-holiday recharge levels were depleted.

Part of this is down to the sapping effect of a group trip away with people you know.

While a holiday with your closest pals is a time-honoured tradition, it’s also a formula that’s 100% likely to revolve around 24-hour drinking by the pool.

You don’t end up doing anything different or new because there are too many ravers and misbehavers, and because it takes about 20 years to decide what to eat at night – let alone do anything a notch more exciting.

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While this kind of lads-on-tour gig has its benefits, there’s little doubt it’ll leave you exhausted and drained come office time.

Travelling alone, however – whether you’re totally solo or in a group of new but like-minded people – offers the opportunity for new experiences without the residue two-week hangover.

New experiences that will broaden your horizons and leave you feeling supremely refreshed, in the manner of a suave cologne ad.

So, menfolk out there – the next time you book a break, think twice. A new adventure without your regular crew could be exactly what you need to:

a.) Re-kindle your passion for travel, and

b.) Shape up your work life at the same time

What’s not to love? Viva La Revolution… !

More men are taking the plunge and travelling solo on a small group adventure – from kayaking in Norway to hiking the three towers in Patagonia, Chile.