Philippines Supper Club London

Food & Travel: A Match Made in Heaven

Written by Jenni Shaw

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Here at Flash Pack we are passionate about travel. We love exploring the world and all that it offers, including the mind blowing cuisines on this diverse planet of ours. It’s pretty simple really, to travel is to EAT.

With this is mind, we’d like to introduce you to our Flash Pack Supper Clubs.

These are evenings of fun, food and frivolity with likeminded, solo adventurers, all themed around one of our awesome destinations.

Why come to a supper club I hear you ask:

  1. A supper club offers a relaxed and informal environment to get to know your fellow diners and discover new cuisines.
  2. All of our supper clubs are thoroughly researched and offer authentic cuisine cooked by passionate chefs with all the inside scoop on their country, culture and cuisine.
  3. Whether you’ve already booked your Flash Pack adventure or you’re still mulling it over, these supper clubs will give you a flavour (‘scuse the pun) of the awesome people you’ll be adventuring with.

Hungry to know more? Carry on reading to find out more about my first taste of a Supper Club experience!

It was a balmy Saturday evening in London as I excitedly headed off to the Adobro’s Filipino Supper Club. It was with slight trepidation that I rang the doorbell of the smart looking address and it definitely felt very odd to be arriving at a stranger’s house, ALONE, for my dinner! (I checked the address about 20 times to be absolutely sure I wasn’t just ringing on a random doorbell!)

The door opened and I was warmly greeted by one of the hosts and promptly ushered in to their lovely home. They explained that it was a Filipino tradition for guests to remove their shoes when visiting someone else’s home and then proceeded to offer a basket full of slippers for me to choose from. This was a really nice touch as it gave a little insight in to a Filipino tradition as well as making me feel relaxed and at ease from the outset.

I was shown through in to the beautiful, open plan kitchen/diner area where I made myself comfortable on the L-shaped sofa with a rum based cocktail and some tasty mushroom based canapes. Being someone who is somewhat obsessively early for everything, I was only the second guest to arrive but within the next 15 minutes, the remainder of the guests trickled in (all wearing a pair of the aforementioned slippers!) and the party really began.

filipino food London

**WARNING! Read on at your own risk if you’re hungry**

We were seated at one long table and promptly served our starter which came sizzling straight off the BBQ. Pork and Chicken Tocino Skewers served with cornbread and honey butter. The chefs served the food themselves and told us a little bit about the dishes and their origin. (They even brought round seconds which, in my opinion, is one of the huge benefits of a supper club over a restaurant dinner!)

Main course was ‘Lechon Porchetta’ which is a dish from Cebu of slow cooked pork belly with deliciously crispy crackling.  This was served alongside a fragrant vegetable medley of green beans and butternut squash in a coconut milk and shrimp paste sauce. Once again, the flavours in this dish were punchy and really hit the spot. There was an abundance of fluffy, steamed rice to accompany the pork and vegetables and yet again, seconds were offered (cue the loosening of a few top buttons…).

filipino food London

By this point, the chefs had done the bulk of their work and we were all definitely ready for a break so they grabbed a beer each and pulled up a pew to join in the party. The atmosphere was lively and raucous, you would not have imagined that just a couple of hours earlier, we were all mere strangers. It really felt like you were just at a particularly DELICIOUS dinner party with a bunch of mates.

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After a nice 20 minute break, we were ready for our palettes to be ‘cleansed’ with a refreshing granita made from the Filipino lime known as a Calamansi. The brave amongst us doused this in a good slug of Filipino vodka before tucking in to the most beautifully creamy and rich dessert of leche tart. This was described to us as a crème caramel but richer! Condensed milk, evaporated milk and egg yolks, served with a sharp mango sorbet and burnt coconut curls. The perfect end to an amazing meal!

Once everyone had finished their meal, the guests dispersed, either heading in to the garden or taking a comfy seat on the sofa for some merry post-meal conversation. I was now a total supper club convert- they combined all the good bits of about going out for dinner with the best bits of staying in – I mean, we ate our dinner in SLIPPERS, need I say anymore?!

If you fancy reliving my supper club experience and getting a small slice of our Flash Pack adventures, click here to see our tasty selection of Flash Pack Supper Clubs.