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Can adventure travel help you live longer?

“Who wants to live forever?” sang Queen, over a heart-wrenching montage in Highlander, of the immortal Connor MacLeod watching his beloved wife age and die as he remains in his late Twenties. I’ll be honest, it’s not the best advert for eternal life you’ll ever see, and probably highlights why most people would answer Freddie […]

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Your best you: Reinvent yourself with solo travel

Baggage is a concern when travelling. Have you got trousers for every occasion and eventuality without tipping over the weight limit? Are all potential leaks pre-emptively double-bagged? And, of course, the question only the gods can answer: will it all turn up at the same airport as you? But there is a different kind of […]

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No more macho: How solo travel can help men embrace a new masculinity

The term masculinity has been much debated in recent years. If you take the Oxford English Dictionary’s definition, it means: “Qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of men.” Yes. Not exactly unambiguous, is it? I mean, which men? Where? How old are they and do they like cricket? Ok, I’m being facetious. We know what […]

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Time to ditch the lads holiday?

Is it finally time for men to ditch the lads holiday?

It’s that time of year again. You’re staring at your inbox, waiting for a juicy discount code to appear, when pops up *that* group email: ‘Lads on Tour 2019!’ It’s an email that used to excite you, but now, be honest, does a lads holiday make you slightly anxious? When you were young, you and […]

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drink with strangers

How to drink with strangers: bartenders share their tips

Most solo travellers will agree that the most awkward time of any trip is the evenings. The galleries are closed, you’ve done 17 laps of the open-top tour bus, there are no more ‘activities’ to occupy you, and you begin to wonder: what would I do if my friends were here? But this shouldn’t be […]

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Is solo travel okay if you’re in a relationship?

There is a certain type of couple – you know them – who declare that they are effectively the same person, just in two separate bodies, which means it was fate or a near-impossible twist in the space-time continuum that they met. They say things like, “she’s like a female me,” or “I can’t believe […]

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