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Meet single travellers in their 30s and 40s with a group trip

For single professionals in their 30’s and 40’s, the quest to find a travel buddy can be a bit of a deal breaker when it comes to making that dream travel experience happen. Fear not, single travellers, because we’re on a rescue mission. We’re here to unite single 30-40 something’s like you and whisk you away […]

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gin capital

London is the gin-drinking capital of the world

Here at Flash Pack, we have a penchant for all things gin. You could say that our appetite for this tipple is so great, it rivals our passion for travel. Well, almost – but we will say this. We owe juniper berries quite a lot. Both travel and gin are potent and moreish delights, with […]

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Port Elizabeth South Africa

7 adventures to solve all of your problems

Stressed? Heartbroken? Slacking at the gym? Forget juice detoxes and comfort ice cream. We’ve got the answer – or should we say, the adventure – for whatever’s getting you down. The benefits of travel for your general well-being are well-known – pushing your personal boundaries and experiencing new cultures are just a couple of our […]

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15 inspirational women who travelled solo!

If there’s one thing we hate at Flash Pack HQ, it’s the stereotypes that surround single women. That and when the Sandwich Man is late for lunch, but that’s less important… The image of single women in their 30s and 40s as an army of Bridget Jones’ crying into their ice-cream and scrolling through dating sites is […]

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Lapland at Christmas: 7 Things I Learnt

“Christmas is not a season” beamed my Finnish guide with a twinkle in her eye, “it is everyday in Rovaniemi.” I’m in Santa Claus’ Main Post Office. In Lapland. And it’s Christmas time. *excuse me whilst my inner child jumps up and down* I’ve been sent here for my first ‘fam trip’ where I basically […]

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2017 travel trends you need to know

So long 2016… Here’s 5 2017 travel trends that will have you jetsetting like a pro. A Flashpacking pro. 2017 Travel Trends 1) Active Travel What? Many New Year’s resolutions are likely to involve get fitter and travel more, so why not kill 2 birds with some sporty travel? Wine marathons allow you to run through stunning locations […]

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How to Take a Career Break Without Quitting Your Job

‘What about my job?’ I hear you cry, ‘surely I can’t simply abandon my deadlines, my boss, my network?’… Well, from extended holidays to full blown grown-up-gap-years, this blog is here to help. We’re talking how to ask your boss, which type of break to take and why booking that ticket may just be the […]

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7 adventures to take before (or if) you have kids

Still footloose and fancy free? Here’s 7 adventures to take before you (or if) you have kids… You’ve been to endless weddings. You’ve thrown baby showers. You’ve clapped graciously at their christenings. But now, as your friends get swamped beneath their Cath Kidston changing mats with Peppa Pig on repeat, it’s YOUR turn to be […]

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Solo Travel: The Sexy Way to See the World

Solo Travel. 2 simple words, one hefty amount of baggage. And I’m not talking luggage, far be it for me to judge if you spent half an hour crushing your suitcase till it closed (or if you’re one of those just-my-toothbrush type of travellers…) What I’m taking about is the bad press that solo travel […]

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The best city breaks for solo travellers with style

Got a hankering for a city break? Need a holiday? Solo travellers, this is your time to shine. I’m not sure where you’re reading this. Maybe you’re sat in a stuffy office somewhere using your best I’m-pretending-to-work-face, perhaps you’re on your lunch break eating an overrated avocado salad, or possibly you’re on the train with […]

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